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Sighting Reports 2010

Erratic Moving Orange Light Videotaped

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Video of Orange Light

Image of Erratic Moving Orange Light Extracted From Video.
Image of Erratic Moving Orange Light Extracted From Video.

Bridlington is on the Northeast Coast of England.
Bridlington is on the Northeast Coast of England.

Date of Sighting: January 1, 2010
Time of Sighting: 7:30 PM Local Time
Location of Sighting: Bridlington, East Yorkshire, England (See Map)

Description: My Grandson and his girlfriend were walking to my house (from the other side of town) when they spotted a bright orange light in the sky. He took some video of it on his mobile phone to show me. Looking at the video (when they arrived) the light doesn't appear to be very high up, but it is moving very erratically backwards/forwards and up/down. It moved very quickly with sudden changes in direction. The video is looking down a street with street lights visible. One street light is quite close up and the others are further away. Because the road is at the top of a slight hill the video is looking towards rooftops of buildings and a supermarket in the distance. The object appears to come in front of the nearest street light then darts back the way it came 3 or 4 times before disappearing. The video only lasts for 31 seconds, but it is very interesting. This is the second time they have seen something like this in this area. The first time was a few weeks ago. Has anyone else spotted anything over Bridlington recently?

Note: The orange light is moving relative to the street lights so some of the movement of the light is not due to movement of the camera. The motion of the light on the video is consistent with what the witnesses observed!