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Sighting Reports 2010

Dentist Sees Erratic Moving Objects With Flashing Red & White Lights

Sketch of One of Objects by Witness.
Sketch of One of Objects by Witness.

Burlington is in Southeastern Wisconsin About 20 Miles Southwest of Milwaukee.
Burlington is in Southeastern Wisconsin
About 20 Miles Southwest of Milwaukee.


Date of Sighting: September 30, 2010
Time of Sighting: 7:15 PM CDT
Location of Sighting: Burlington, Wisconsin (See Map)

Description: On 30 September 2010, I observed an interesting celestial phenomenon, the like of which I had never seen before. I will describe this event so it becomes part of the historical record of such events which occur and might be explained if other people also observed it or know of events or occurrences which can identify or explain it.

My home is located in the town Burlington, Wisconsin. My lot is about 3 acres in size and has treed and open areas, along with my house and three other outbuildings. From many places of my lot, I have excellent visibility of the sky in all directions. I can easily get to all of my lot from any of my structures in just a few seconds.

Knowing I had to look for something in my detached garage, I returned to it and quickly found what I needed and set it aside to use later. It was approximately 7:00 – 7:15 PM as near as I can estimate since I did not look at my wristwatch at that time. When I left the service door in my detached garage I happened to look up in the western sky. I observed a red and white flashing light and figured I had seen an airplane and this was through the trees. However, I did not see it emerge from the trees and so I kept watching the sky above the tree as I was walking to my house. Suddenly, I saw the same light phenomenon as I reached a point when I could see a large expanse of the western sky.

This flashing light group appeared to have red and white flashing lights some short distance apart on both sides of what I will describe as a horizontal access. It also had white flashing lights at either end of a vertical access. My sketch of this description is attached. At first I thought this was simply an airplane heading approximately Northwest according to my position of observation. Suddenly, this thing stopped moving and seemed to hold its position in the sky. I continued walking westward and cleared any trees and other high obstructions to my view of the westward sky. I was in my neighbor's yard at this time.

This thing made horizontal tracks in the sky in each horizontal direction. I will designate this as right and left directional movement. It moved at least 10 of its lateral width's to the right, back to its original position and then at least 10 of its lateral widths to the left and then back to its original position. It could move quickly (approximately 1 second) for the complete right or left directions or very slowly (approximately 10 seconds) for the same movement. It could also do this vertically, which I would designate in the up and down directions. I watched this for about 15 minutes. Then this thing seemed to fly off in a Northwest direction and stop again. I watched it do the same maneuvers and started scanning the skies to the north, west and south which were visible from my position.

To my surprise, I saw several of these objects in the sky! They were all doing similar maneuvers and as I counted them, I was sure I counted approximately 8 to 10 of these things. They were positioned from the southeast to the northwest from what I was able to discern. All of them were able to make the same movements as I previously described.

I was moderately excited to have observed these things and I went inside my home about 8:15 PM to rest and recall what I had seen. As I said, I have no idea what these things are and I first thought maybe the military has a new flying object and was testing here in Wisconsin. Also, could these things just have been air traffic in some kind of holding pattern for Chicago – O'Hare or Milwaukee – Mitchell airports. I heard no sounds coming from these things as well ,but I will also state, these were quite high up in the sky and maybe inaudible to me. I cannot think of any other information to put into this short report. The above is a stylized layout of the flashing lights I saw on that night.

Note: The witness has made good deductions that his sighting was unusual. The abrupt movements described don't equate to regular aircraft. The weather at nearby Milwaukee showed only scattered clouds at 9,000 feet so a backup of air traffic in a holding pattern would be less likely. (Aircraft can also be held up for conditions other than inclement weather.)

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