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Sighting Reports 2010

Man Sees Black Football Shaped Object Move Across Day Sky

Sketch of Object (and Path of Movement) on Photo Taken Where Object Was Sighted. The Photo Was Taken About 15 Minutes After Sighting Event.
Sketch of Object (and Path of Movement) on Photo Taken Where Object Was Sighted.
The Photo Was Taken About 15 Minutes After Sighting Event.

Cathedral City is in the Mojave Desert Near Palm Springs, California.
Cathedral City is in the Mojave Desert Near Palm Springs, California.

Date of Sighting: May 25, 2010
Time of Sighting: 6 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Cathedral City, California (See Map)

Description: Bill, I recently contacted you in support of my father's sighting in Bensalem, PA last year. Oddly enough today I witnessed my own potential sighting, and thought enough of it to feel I should report this to you. Today, I was relaxing by a pool at a day resort in Cathedral City, California just next to Palm Springs. Approximately 6 PM I happened to be looking up in the sky from my lounge chair. The day was clear, only high-level clouds (shown in photo) in the area of sky above and to the west of Cathedral City. In the area of the enclosed photo, I witnessed an object at high altitude traveling in a southwestern path across the sky. At first, I thought it might be a bird flying at a high altitude, but I noticed it's path of travel through the high altitude cloud shown in the photo. Just as I dismissed the object as an airplane of some sort, the object engaged itself in a hairpin loop, changing it's direction from southwest to due south, and continued to travel in a straight line across the horizon, eventually going out of sight into another high altitude cloud and the brightness of the sun getting close to setting behind the mountains. I cannot describe it's shape, as it was clearly too high in the sky to give any detail. All I saw was what looked like a black "speck" moving across the sky. If I had to assign a shape to it, I guess I would have to say football shaped. The object would become slightly faint as it wavered between the clouds, but I never lost sight of the object until it moved off into the brightness of the sun over the mountains. This photograph was taken about 15 minutes after witnessing the event, and the cloud shown is sitting in the area of sky that I actually witnessed the object. This cloud is, in fact, the one that was off to the south where I eventually lost sight of the object as it passed through it to the south. The size of the "speck" that I inserted into this photo is pretty relative in size to what I actually saw. As for it's speed, this is what really made me decide to report this. I was willing to believe this was a vulture or an eagle or something, but I really don't think it could fly at an altitude that high, plus I never saw any wings flapping, and with exception to the "loop" (which resembled an eagle's diving vortex, but remained at a constant speed), it stayed on a constant path, not wavering in different directions. It traversed the area of sky and off to the horizon at about the same speed as one would witness a small, low-flying aircraft traversing the same portion of the sky, so it was out of sight within a minute or so. So, given that this object was MUCH higher in altitude than a low-altitude plane, but covered an area of sky at the same pace, this thing was going FAST. I do not have resources to research such things, but the altitude of this object could be determined simply by finding out the altitude of the clouds around 6 PM on 5/25/2010 in the Palm Springs vicinity. I would be happy to assist you in any way with researching this sighting.

Note: The weather observation showed some scattered clouds at 20,000 feet near the time of the sighting. If the object flew into the cloud deck as stated by the witness, then it would have been flying around 20,000 feet. The football shape reported by the witness is more of "an estimation" or guess given that the object was flying very high and would not have a discernable shape unless it was very large.

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