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Sighting Reports 2010

3 Sickened After Viewing Flying Object Shaped Like Arrowhead

Sketch of Object and Background by One of Witnesses. This is When the Witnesses Saw the Object Pass Close to the Position of the Moon in the Sky.
Sketch of Object and Background by Male Witness.
This is When the Witnesses Saw the Object Pass
Close to the Position of the Moon in the Sky.

Sketch of Object by Witness's Fiance.
Sketch of Object by Witness's Fiance.

Collins is in East-Central Georgia.
Collins is in East-Central Georgia.

Date of Sighting: October 18, 2010
Time of Sighting: Between 8 and 9 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: Near Collins, Georgia (See Map)

Description: Let me first just give clarity to the reviewing administrator that myself, along with the other two witnesses have normally shot down the idea of UFO's in the stereotypical sense. That being said, here's our story from my perspective.

Last night, October 18th, 2010, around 8:00, my fiance and our mutual friend made plans to cruise dirt roads and over-all just pass the night away. A little after 8:00 PM (Perhaps a little before), our friend called to let us know she was on her way, and arrived shortly after.

We made our way down the usual stretch of the Old Reidsville Collins Highway (Anderson Street, now), and passed through Collins, Georgia. I was in the back seat, and my fiance was sitting in the front alongside our friend. I was taking notice at the vast amount of movement in the sky, and the fact that the clouds were streaked, as if they'd been raked.

Around 8:40 PM or so, we arrived at the entrance to a dirt road outside of Collins and then proceeded to turn down into it. By this time I had pointed out the activity in the sky, which we joked around about being UFOs. It wasn't until we noticed that what looked to be a military aircraft was pursuing a very vague object that was seamless against the sky, did we stop to think we might be right.

The object looked like a very dull star at first, though it was indeed moving. I told our friend to stop her car, and when she inquired why, I told her we'd be able to make it out in a moment because it was about to pass under the moon's light.

Once she stopped the car, we all exited the car and watched this very vague craft become more visible the closer it drew towards the moon. The craft then passed overhead, under the moon's light, and we were all utterly dumbfounded by the very prospect of just having witnessed a UFO. We watched as what appeared to be military aircraft, or aircraft of some sort trailing this object. A description of the UFO is provided below:

The craft I saw was in the shape of a soft featured arrowhead. Being overhead, I assume it was the bottom I saw. There were three obvious lights, one at each point, and a design in the middle of the lights that mimicked the original shape of the object. The design was a lighter color than the rest of the craft. The craft itself was black. Almost seamless against the night sky.

We reentered the vehicle, and the time was 9:00 PM. (Not exactly, but I believe it was around 9:05 - 9:10). My fiance grabbed her friend's phone, and decided she was going to call her mother in total shock of what she'd just seen. There was no service on the phone. I suddenly felt rather ill. Extremely fatigued, my face felt like it had been doused with boiling water. I mentioned it, and the two women both agreed they felt the same.

After contemplating what to do, we decided to follow the UFO. It wasn't soon after that it disappeared from all visibility behind a very thin cloud. The aircraft that were pursuing the UFO looked as if they were circling around the cloud. We were sure it had disappeared, when the aircraft began forming a triangular shaped pattern near this cloud. Then seemingly out of nowhere, this bright orange tinted light suddenly appeared through the cloud, and the UFO became visible once more as it sped past the aircraft.

The UFO once again passed near the moon's light, and then began to turn, which granted me the ability of gauging the craft had multiple dimensions and was indeed soft-featured. Once the craft completed it's turn, it began a slow diagonal ascension.

At this point, all disbelief has left the three of us. We're intrigued, but tired. Rather distraught, but morbidly curious.

While still following the craft, we turned back onto the main highway outside of Collins. We all watched in disbelief as the UFO disappeared yet again. We watched as aircraft began swarming the area it had disappeared in. We made it back to my fiance's mother's house around 10:00. The three of us decided to ensure no one was lying. We all decided to draw it and not show anyone until we were all finished with the sketches. Sure enough, the sketches were all identical.

This morning, I woke up earlier than usual, feeling extremely tired and beat. I felt as if I had been beaten with a bat. It took my fiance awhile to finally coerce me out of bed. She wasn't feeling well either.

About 1:00 PM today (October 19th, 2010), our friend called us, saying she'd missed her class because she couldn't really move this morning.

We all decided this needed to be reported.

Additional Information Provided by Witnesses: To begin with none of us have been feeling particularly great since the experience. We've all had trouble sleeping and frankly, last night was the first time any of us had eaten in 24 hours (Which wasn't even out of hunger, I just decided to buy us food while we went back to where we saw the UFO). I've pretty much been living off of coffee, still in perpetual distraught. My fiance' has been having an almost non-stop headache. Where we witnessed the UFO at, days prior to this event, the horses our friend takes care of have been acting extremely aggressive and scared. However, what really threw us out of alignment is when our friend called us to tell Laura and I that there was a bull inside the field with the horses and that the horses, nor the bull were acting aggressive toward each other. As I recall, she said they were huddled together like a group of children who'd just been scared. As for the aircraft pursuing the UFO, we've seen plenty of military aircraft out here before, however, it was just an assumption of us three based on us not being able to understand why a civilian driven aircraft would be tailing the UFO. We have also ran the description of what we could see on the aircraft by a few people. They have all agreed it's military. I can describe the aircraft chasing them as black with a slightly reflective body with red and white alternating lights. If you have absolutely anymore questions regarding that night, please feel free to ask. You have also said that there were no other reports in my area, how-ever I was doing research on what I'd seen and on the 17th of October this year in Virginia, a triangular shaped UFO with three blatant lights was seen. On October 18th, 2010, 6:00 PM over Kentucky, witnesses also reported seeing a triangular shaped craft with three lights. I haven't seen any other reports from my area exactly though the BAASS (Bigelow Aerospace) investigator was urging me to go back out to where we had our initial sighting, and question the farmers out there. People around here tend to keep what they've seen to themselves in fear of being judged. However, I can't really recall any instance I was so incompetent that I refused to tell the truth.

Third Report by Witness: A sun burning effect could relate to how my face felt. To be more detailed, we each described it as being a very unnerving feeling; like our faces were being cooked. My fiance' says, ''It was like our skin was really hot, but we weren't.'' When I questioned our friend on the matter last night, she said the same thing, but also fears it's radiation poisoning. My fiance` and I doubt that it is. Though, a noteworthy effect that I wasn't aware of, our friend brought to our attention that yesterday morning she had to put antifreeze in her car even though she'd just filled it up not too long ago. She also mentioned to us that her car was acting 'off'. I normally wouldn't really make note of that, except that her car is brand new. (The model of her car is a 2010 Hyundai Accent I believe.)

Note: Boy what an experience! The male witness wrote a very detailed concise report. At this point it is not known if the aircraft pursuing the object were military. Anyone else who may have seen this object is urged to file a report. Updates will be posted.

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