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Sighting Reports 2010

Triangular Object That Moved Like "Star Destroyer" Seen in Night Sky

Crossroads is About 30 Miles North of Dallas.
Crossroads is About 30 Miles North of Dallas.

Date of Sighting: October 12, 2010
Time of Sighting: 12:56 AM CDT
Location of Sighting: Crossroads, Texas (See Map)

Description: At 12:56 AM I went outside to have a cigarette and noticed an odd grouping of lights that I thought was for a plane. After a minute I realized that they were not moving so I thought perhaps the lights were a helicopter. The craft came a few miles closer and that is when I began to realize what I was looking at and it is something that I have never seen. This ship seemed to move literally like a star destroyer. (Sorry I have not other reference, but that is what it is.) It then came a few more miles closer to me. I tried recording with a camera phone, but it was useless. I thought I would snoop around and see if any of the popular sites had the same information and it turns out that a man saw the black triangle in August. Because of the darkness I could not get an accurate look, but this is a huge ship with the engines stacked as four rectangles laid two by two horizontally. I did not get panicked, but this is something that I have never seen or thought was humanly possible. It was dark but from what little light I had it looked menacing. It looked like it was the size of an aircraft carrier. I am not writing this as entertainment. I saw the ship shooting something out and I do not want to tell you what I think it was. It made a few passes and looked like something was being ejected from the ship or flying around it like a swarm. Again I saw a huge black triangular looking star destroyer object seen over North Texas approximately 30 miles north of Dallas on Tuesday morning 12:56 – 12:57 PM. the object hovered in the sky for about a minute and then gingerly made a half-circle and then a slow straight line to the west. It came closer to me as it flew to the west. This is not a joke and this is not something from Skunk Works . The sounds of the engine were not a mechanical noise that I am familiar with.

Second Report by Witness: I do know where I live and have a Masters degree. There are multiple "Cross Roads" in Texas. The location I stated originally is about thirty miles north of Dallas. If it helps, I live a little North of Little Elm, TX.

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