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Sighting Reports 2010

Family Sees Round Object Size of "Passenger Shuttle" in Night Sky

Eagle Rock is in Southern California About 10 Miles North-Northeast of Los Angeles.
Eagle Rock is in Southern California
About 10 Miles North-Northeast of Los Angeles.

Date of Sighting: August 4, 2010
Time of Sighting: 10:10 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Eagle Rock, California (See Map)

Description: On 8/4/2010, at approximately 22:10 hours, my 12 year old son ran into my room claiming he has seen strange lights in the sky coming towards our house. As I got up towards his room I looked through the window and noticed a set of about three to four lights. At first I thought it was the wing of an airplane. As I tried to make up what it was, the object flew past by. The unidentified object was flying low, slow and there was no noise emanating from the object. As it passed by, I immediately ran towards the other side of the house to see where it was heading to. As I exited the balcony door on the 2nd floor I looked up and noticed that the unidentified object was round, it did not have wings and the lights were affix. It gave the appearance of spot lights. It was the size of a passenger shuttle. My wife, my 12 year old child and I were stunned at what we had seen in the night sky. The object finally disappeared from our view as the street trees blocked our view. It was clear to us that the object we had witnessed was not something we are accustomed to seeing.

Additional Information Provided by Witness: This occurred in Los Angeles California. In addition to the sighting, the strange thing about this object is that it was relatively flying very low. It looked solid metallic dark. I am 39 years of age and I have seen airplanes, helicopters and even Goodyear blimps flying in the night, but this object did not resemble any of those. If indeed this is a man made object, that technology is awesome. Staring at that object that size and hearing no noise was spectacular. I checked to see if there were other sightings for that day, and it turns out that there was a sighting in Boyle Heights which is border line with Eagle Rock.

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