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Sighting Reports 2010

Several Groups of Witness See Anomalous Lights in Night Sky
(Special Report - Mass Sighting in Seattle, Washington Area)

Edmonds is About 20 Miles North of Downtown Seattle.
Edmonds is About 20 Miles North of Downtown Seattle.

Date of Sighting: March 13, 2010
Time of Sighting: Between 7 and 8 PM (See Individual Reports
Location of Sighting: Edmonds, Washington (& Few Other Locations in the Seattle Area)

Individual Reports Follow:

Yelm, WA (About 60 Miles South-Southwest of Edmonds) 8 PM PST
I saw a solid light much brighter than stars on a clear night around 8:00 PM, March 13, 2010. I saw the light in the sky to the northeast. The light was seen at about 25 degrees off of the horizon, but I could not determine distance. The light appeared to be moving very slowly to the east. The color was white, with no change in luminosity or color. After about 5 to 7 seconds of observing light, the light gradually, but rapidly accelerated toward the east. As it did so, the luminosity diminished quickly. After about 4 seconds acceleration time the object was no longer visible. I then went inside of house for about 2 minutes and came back outside and looked toward sky again. The object (light) was not visible. Suddenly, appearing at about the same place as where the light was initially observed, a bright light (maybe two to three times brighter than the original light) appeared for about a second, almost like a flash and then disappeared. No photos or video were taken. The size of the light/object was not discernible.

The area is known for aircraft traffic landing and taking off. There were no other aircraft in the vicinity when this object was spotted. The position and movement direction of this object clearly put it on a path that was moving perpendicular to the normal direction of aircraft traffic, and in a part of the sky where aircraft are not seen. An aircraft with blinking lights was seen in the sky about two minutes after this object was initially noticed. However, the aircraft was not even near the immediate vicinity. This was no plane, and this was no jet. This was no weather phenomena.
(Note: This sighting may not be related to the other sightings in this report.)

Edmonds, WA - 7:30 or 8 PM PST (Exact Time Uncertain)
I was looking out the front window of our house and saw a group of bright unusual lights. They of orange color in the sky. My husband saw them too. The lights were moving in a group in a northwesterly direction and didn't look like anything we had ever seen. We can see a distance across a park toward Mountlake Terrace from our window, and we saw another group of lights coming toward us. There were about 5 in the group. When they got overhead, one of the lights did a circle back toward another light and made a trail of light where it had been. It was like a little curly cue of orange in the sky. Then a single light came last. It was the strangest thing.

Edmonds, WA (Several Witnesses in Condo Complex - Exact Time Uncertain)
Several us who live in Mill Park Condos in edmonds saw them. There were dozens of them traveling from south to north in groups of 3 or four. When they passed over head you could hear a faint humming. But after being directly overhead they would "flame-out". The pattern of the light was indicative of flame. At least one when directly overhead flamed out and you could see a dark mass moving. It lasted for maybe 20 minutes non-stop. They were all the same size and speed. It was a Star Trek moment. Have been looking for other witnessess or explanations since the event. Who could not have seen it??!!

Edmonds, WA (7:15 - 7:40 PM PST time frame)
In Edmonds three of us saw round globes that looked as though they were red and glowing. The first 4 appeared together flying South to North along Highway 99. They slowly traveled for several seconds and then wemt out of sight. Then we looked to the south and more would appear. First 3 more appeared, then 4 more, then 5 more, then 4 and then 1. That was it. It was really weird. I'm 64 and I have never seen anything like it.

Edmonds, WA - 7:30 PM PST
I just saw about five or six bright red lights south of Edmonds/Lynnwood, Washington. I went out to the front of my house to take a better look, then came in and went out on my back deck. In that amount of time (less than 1 minute) the bright lights were not where I last saw them. I looked up and they were actually almost right above me (to the north). They did not appear nearly as bright when they were above me, instead appearing as a faint globe. I saw one just as it disappeared behind a tree and then realized there were three more in a triangle shape (one globe at each corner of a triangle). I saw the lights in this configuration when they were moving in a northern direction toward Everett, Washington. The globes almost looked like balloons that I could barely make out when they were above me, but did not behave as such as they held their triangular formation with no variance and all moved smoothly at an equal speed. It was strange that they were hard to see as they were above me and moving north because when they were south of me, I estimate around the Northgate area of Seattle they were EXTREMELY bright. I am not sure what I just saw, but it is one of the strangest sights I've ever witnessed.

Edmonds, WA - 7:23 PM PST
My husband and I had just left his parent's home in Edmonds, Washington heading East,and turned onto the first street when at the top of the hill we saw about 8 to 10 bright orange lights through the windshield moving slowly across the sky almost in formation. The orange lights were pulsing in nature, but much brighter than any plane lights, and no navigational lights. We then turned left onto the first street and pulled over and turned the truck off. We viewed up and there were then about 18 to 20 orange pulsing lights that we viewed moving north, slightly west traveling very slowly for about 1 minute. Then they turned into very, very dim white lights and crossed over the trees out of view. We tried to follow, but could not see them again. When you look at a very dimly lit star that you can barely make out. This is what the lights turned into. My husband the skeptic thinks maybe they might be asteroids, but do asteroids pulse and behave this way? My husband and I have never seen anything quite like this before in our lives, and it was quite scary I must say.

Edmonds, WA - 7:15 to 7:25 PM PST
We saw a formation of 3 reddish orange lights moving northeast and rising with 4 or 5 other groups of three following from the south and rising. All groups disappeared at approximately the same location. We were with a group of 5 people. We called several others to verify sightings.

Edmonds, WA - 7:10 PM PST
The witness called and left a voice mail describing his sighting. (The above audio is voice mail message.) The witness stated that he and his son were traveling west on Highway 212. They noticed several (18 to 20) red-orange lights ascending from the south (over Seattle). The lights continued to move north and when they were at a high elevation (80 degrees) they slowly disappeared.

Shoreline, WA - Time Not Reported
My girlfriend and I also saw the orange orbs in the sky on the 13th. Ii had just got off work and picked her up. We were driveing down Highway 99 and was at about the Ranch 99 Market area and saw about 15 to 20 lights in the sky. Tthey were around the Lake Ballinger area. They were about 100 feet above the tree line. Your not alone we saw this too. What do you think this means?

Edmonds, WA - Time Not Reported
My husband and I saw the same thing. Exciting, but scary at the same time.

Edmonds, WA - Time Not Reported
My mom and I were coming home from dinner, going south on 76th W. I saw some lights and at first thought they were at Stevens Hospital. Then I thought that they were on a crane. Then we saw more and people standing on the side of the road looking up. There appeared to be several small groups of 3-4 orange colored lights heading north. By the time we got home, they had disappeared. Checking the news and papers, we could find nothing about them. Is there no answer to what they were?

Note: A check of winds aloft shows that winds were light from the Southeast at the surface, but increasing to around 30 mph in the lower 1,000 feet of the atmosphere. Wind directions gradually changed to the south-southwest in the lower 1,000 feet above the ground. This means that the objects (lights) were moving with the wind. This does not mean that the objects were balloons or other flotation devices, but that the possibility exists.

Comments Received on May 5, 2010 From One of Witnesses in Edmonds, WA: The witness looked on this web site at a sighting in State College, PA that occurred on May 3, 2010. He said that the lights sketched by the State College witness look almost exactly like what he and others saw. He said that the only difference was that the lights that he saw were arranged in clusters and not uniformly distributed across the sky. Click here to read about the State College sighting.

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