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Sighting Reports 2010

2 Airborne Objects Shaped Like "Shot Glass" Seen in Night Sky
"Nearly Cause Collision on Highway" -

Map & Overview Map Showing Location of the Sighting.
Map & Overview Map Showing Location of the Sighting.

Date of Sighting: November 20, 2010
Time of Sighting: 9 PM EST
Location of Sighting: Near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio (See Map)

Description: My husband and I were driving north on Highway 675 just approaching Fairborn, Ohio when two strange objects traveling northeast to southwest at approximately 35 degrees from the horizon appeared in the sky in front of us. One object appeared to be following the other.

We know we were not the only people to see them. Traffic was moderate that evening with vehicles in all of the lanes ahead of us. When the objects appeared in the sky in front of us, numerous drivers hit their brake lights and several vehicles almost collided in front of us.

Both objects were shaped like a tall shot glass, more narrow at the bottom and flaring slightly toward the top. It appeared that the light from within the object filled the space of that shape, but was strangely fully contained within sharp boundaries of the shape. It appeared to glow like fire would in the darkness of the night. The really strange thing is that the light was contained in firm boundaries and did not disperse or taper off on the outside edges.

Because it was contained in the boundaries of the glass shape, the light within it appeared to be shining upward because it was wider at the top than the bottom.

We did not hear any noise as you would expect with an airplane traveling that close to the ground. The objects were traveling very fast – within seconds they had passed out of our field of vision and of course it was not safe to turn around to look behind us.

We thought at first the objects might be hot air balloons; however the speed of their flight, the fact that the light inside was contained so clearly within the glass-shape and the fact that it was night time (not an appropriate time for hot air balloon flight) made us believe that there must be some other explanation.

We realize that we were very close to WPAFB (Wright Patterson Air Force Base) and that the objects could be related to activities there. However, I would think that if the air force base were doing some sort of testing, they would refrain from testing at night so as not to cause accidents on a very busy highway.

All in all it was a very strange occurrence which we cannot explain at all. My husband is very much a skeptic when it comes to topics such as this yet he is now convinced that these objects were truly unexplainable.

I thought that other people who saw these objects would be searching the internet for information, yet I have not seen any other postings about the objects.

Note: This is a strange case. One could say the UFOs are a traffic hazard!

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