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Sighting Reports 2010

Woman Sees Large Aerial Red Light With 3 Multi-Colored Lights Beneath

Date of Sighting: July 25, 2010
Time of Sighting: About Midnight CDT
Location of Sighting: On I-35 in Fort Worth, Texas

Description: I saw another large red light in the sky over Fort Worth as I drove home on I-35 last night. This looked the same as the one I reported a few weeks ago over the polo field in Burleson. The light was the same color and size only it was higher and had 3 blinking lights under it that were flashing green red and blue. I couldn't see the colored lights until it passed by me. I don't know of any aircraft that has totally red lights on it that would make it illuminate all red like that. The one I saw in Burleson seemed to emit rays outward of red. This was more of a big shining red light, but not a glowing ball. It moved about the speed of a cruising airplane, but did not look like any plane I have ever seen. I promised you sketches last time and I will see if I can get some to you!

Note: This same witness has reported other sightings in the area. This fact should not discount the veracity of the sighting as she may be more cognizant of the sky. Many people don't report their sightings.

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