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Sighting Reports 2010

Several See Yellowish-Gold Objects Hovering Over LA Airport

Date of Sighting: January 3, 2010
Time of Sighting: 11:30 to 11:45 AM PST
Location of Sighting: Hawthorne, California (About 2 Miles ESE of Los Angeles Airport)

Description: I reported about an object in the sky on January 2, 2010. The next day after waking up at nearly the same time, I was sitting around with my relatives and for some reason I brought up the story about the sighting. After telling them the story I was curious to see if the object was around the same vicinity at around the same time. I went outside looking for the yellowish gold object and to my surprise it was there again. I called my relatives out and pointed toward the object. The first to see it was my niece and the second my sister and her friend. They gazed upon the moving object in amazement. They had never witnessed such sighting. The object had almost the same trajectory as the first one I reported. About 10 minutes later my niece noticed another similar object in the vicinity of Los Angeles Airport. At that point we knew these were UFOs and I immediately called 911 telling them there was an "unidentified flying object" hovering around the LAX airspace which by law is illegal and should have had their attention. The second object began drifting toward the southwest region as if grouping with the first object. Both objects then disappeared into storm clouds and were not seen since. Both UFOs were yellowish gold and around the size of a jet maybe bigger. Both made no noise whatsoever and shared the same metallic reflective surface. I have seen UFO videos, but never had the opportunity to see one for myself. However, I had two opportunities that I didn't miss. No one else reported the sighting. Nothing was on the evening news and as far as I am concerned we were the only people to call the police about it. I am glad that my family was around to see it. The day before they thought I was crazy. However, you got to see it to believe it and they did!

Note: The January 2 report mentioned by the witness was not reported to our organization. (Perhaps he made the report to another UFO group.) This is a daytime sighting of two unusual objects close to a major airport. The weather observations showed that visibility was 10 miles with scattered clouds (partly cloudy) at 15,000 feet and broken clouds (mostly cloudy) at 25,000 feet. One wonders why no other reports were made?

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