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Sighting Reports 2010

Attorney Sees Bright Light Approached by a Light That Then Disappeared

Houston is in Southeastern Texas.
Houston is in Southeastern Texas.

Date of Sighting: October 30, 2010
Time of Sighting: 11:55 PM CDT
Location of Sighting: Houston, Texas (See Map)

Description: I am an attorney and not a crackpot, lunatic, or drunk. I reside in Houston, Texas. On Saturday night, October 30, 2010 I was sitting on the balcony smoking a cigarette and getting ready to go to bed. The balcony faces North. It was just before midnight. The sky was pretty clear. I saw a prominent light in the Northwest sky. It was blinking colored lights and I watched it for a few minutes. It wasn't moving. Then I saw a small white light that I thought was a plane, although it wasn't blinking, move in the direction of the object and disappear. After a few minutes, I got curious and went inside and grabbed the first pair of binoculars I could find and returned to the balcony. The object was wider at the base than the top, the top appeared flat. It continued to flash colored lights and did not move. The lights were white, red, green, and blue to the best of my recollection. After a few minutes, I went back inside and retrieved my Swarovski Binoculars (8x30 in magnification) and my small digital camera. The object had moved down a little bit in the sky. I was sitting at a patio table and hadn't moved my chair and for a reference I had been looking between two branches of a nearby crape myrtle tree. The object was still there although it had turned and the angle of the view made the object much thinner than before. I texted my 19 year old son at 12:27 AM on the 31st and asked if he was outside and to look into the Northwest sky and tell me what he saw. He said, "some lights." I just asked him a moment ago to save my texts as I didn't. That is how I know the time. We discussed the matter for a while and he inquired, "what had I been smoking." He is an Engineering student at U of Houston here in Houston. He then told me that the object was the space station and that someone said it was supposed to be visible these days. I concluded he must have been right and went to bed. I took some digital photos with my little 4x zoom, 10 megapixel Panasonic Lumix camera. There do not appear to be any images in the distant horizon on the 23 shots I took, except a few which have the street glow, and a street light or two in the foreground. This morning I looked on the computer and found out that on the 28th the space station was to be visible to the naked eye, but that it would be the brightest light in the sky, does not blink, appears as a white light, only second in intensity to the moon. It reportedly would be moving in an arc. That is not what I saw. I do wear contacts but my vision is excellent when corrected and through my good binoculars the clarity is exceptional. So what I saw remains unidentified to me at least. Was it the space station and the lights reflections from some panels on it's exterior? I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation and certainly my son and I weren't the only ones to see it. Please advise. Just curious, not crazy, no close encounters, no little green men etc.

Note: The space station nor any other satellites were visible at the time of the sighting. Satellites are generally only visible in a 3 hour window after sunset and before sunrise. Jupiter was bright, but was in the southwestern sky at the time of the sighting. There is an airport to the northwest of the witness's location, but his sighting doesn't sound like any regular aircraft.

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