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Sighting Reports 2010

Strange Object Captured on Video Camera Mounted on Remote Airplane

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Video Clip of Strange Object

Still Image of Object Extracted From Video.
Still Image of Object Extracted From Video.

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Slow Motion Clip of Video Showing Object

Indianapolis is in Central Indiana.
Indianapolis is in Central Indiana.

Date of Sighting: September 26, 2010
Time of Sighting: Around 2:30 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: Indianapolis, Indiana

Description: This is the email I sent MUFON here in Indiana shortly after discovering the UFO on the video. It is around 5:15 PM now and I am sending emails to other investigators. The video is good and clear. The UFO appears as a black circle. During the time this was going on today other aircraft have been flying low and slow in the area. I caught one on video on the third trip out to the site today. Also there was a loud bang, but no cause for it has been found.

I lost a RC (remote control) airplane in a field far east side of Indianapolis. I have been looking for it for days. I strapped a FPV camera to the bottom of new plane I just built and did some flyovers to see if I could find my other plane from the aerial video.

I went home and watched the video using Magix movie edit 15, and I did not edit the video to put this on it. Besides I risk being called crazy and if you knew me and what I have been through being called crazy is the last thing I need right now.

I caught a round black dot in the sky. In fact when I watched the video in full motion I dismissed it as debris flying off the plane. However as I watched the video in frame by frame motion I saw it stay in sync with the sky, and then as I flew the plane around and made a second pass it appeared again in the same spot in sync with the sky.

It is a black round dot in one spot in the sky. That appears twice in my video. I really do not think it is debris. Now I had my eyes focused on this plane as I was flying it. From the ground I did not see anything! I saw no other airplanes, not a thing.

Now after I landed the plane I went home to view the video on the computer and that is when I dismissed the dots as debris. I was looking for my other downed RC airplane not UFOs. I took a screenshot of what I thought was my plane, printed it and went back out to the field to find it. No I didn't find it. There is a couple of teenagers out there (they are on the video) and I kind of got to thinking what they must be thinking about me wondering around out in the field.

ALSO I just realized this: when I was out in the field (second trip that I have just got back from) I noticed a military helicopter flying over.

Keep in mind all of this has just happened in the last hour of writing this email.

So I came back home and started to watch the video in slower frame by frame motion to see if I could get a better idea of where my plane is and this is when I found these black dots.

I spoke about it with my mother and showed her. She doesn't know what to think. I then decided I should report this as soon as possible. I search for UFO investigators and decided to send you guys an email.

Time frame of events today:
2:00 strapped camera to RC airplane
2:20 home watching video first time
2:35 back out in field looking for plane (kids still out there making out in car)
3:15 home watching video frame by frame found dots
3:20 started writing email to contact you

Note: I agree with the witness's assessment of the video. The slow motion footage clearly shows the circular object.

Update September 27, 2010: We have received feedback that the object is a likely camera anomaly referred to as a "dark pixel." This effect happens when a camera records facing the sun. UFOS Northwest didn't originally feel that this was an explanation because it didn't appear that the camera faced into the sun and the object didn't appear "pixilated" when zooming in at the pixel level.

Comments Received September 27, 2010: Hi Bill. The video is interesting. The only known explanation I can think of is a dark balloon floating in proximity. There is the possibility of video editing, but the object appearance is too brief for it to be a typical hoax. It's definitely not zoomed in dark pixel(s). Dark pixels are small and they to not move in the frame of view. If it were pointed at the sun there would be a bright halo. It's either a hoax, a dark balloon, or a genuine UFO.

Verbal Comments Received September 27, 2010: No way that this was a dark pixel. The camera never was pointed towards the sun and skies were mostly cloudy. In addition the object appears twice in separate segments of the video. The object was real!

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