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Sighting Reports 2010

Man Hears Ringing in Ears & Then Sees Erratic Moving Aerial Object

Jesup is in Southeastern Georgia.
Jesup is in Southeastern Georgia.

Date of Sighting: May 17, 2010
Time of Sighting: 11 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: Jesup, Georgia

Description: I was standing in my kitchen around 10:30 or 11 at night. I started to get a sort of a low ringing or humming pressure in my ears. It got very intense and sort of caused a mild pain like when someone rolls the windows up in a car and makes your ears pop. I left the kitchen and went to my living room and I still had that pressure in my ears so I walked outside. When I got outside I just kind of looked up at the stars and above my house was what looked like a plane, but with very little lights.

The lights on the thing didn't seem to strobe and there was no sound coming from it. The plane or helicopter or whatever it was wasn't moving so I thought it must be a helicopter until it disappeared and reappeared closer over my head. Then it did something that is kind of hard to explain: It moved like if you moved your hand in front of the TV or computer monitor, but it was moving extremely fast to the point of where it was hard for me to track it with my eyes. Then it stopped and it moved really slow for about a second and that is when I noticed two lights on it. One light was green like a Christmas tree color and the other was orange or maybe red, but they didn't strobe. Instead they seemed to pulse on.

The thing moved again really fast, but in a way like your hand waving in front of the TV. Then it suddenly shot off and started fading out and completely disappeared. After all of that I noticed my ears didn't have that pressure anymore and I went inside sort of terrified by what I saw because I wasn't sure what I saw. It seemed to look like a plane with hardly any lights, but had characteristics of a ghost. The only description I can really give is that it looked a little like a plane because of the lights, but moved extremely fast like a shooting star and it made my ears feel like there was a lot of pressure on them. I also heard it in my left ear before I did in both of them when I had first heard it in my kitchen. It was too dark to actually see the craft's shape and it didn't really stay still for too long. The whole time it took it to get from one horizon to the another or to where I could see was all of five minutes maybe tops. Also the whole time this went on it never made a sound.

Note: There are a few people that get "messages" and then observe strange aerial objects. Although most of these cases are "void" of forensic evidence they are interesting. In some cases witnesses have taken photos or videos.

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