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Sighting Reports 2010

Family Sees Airborne Triangular Object With Red Lights Move Erratically

Jupiter is on the East Coast of Florida About 90 Miles North of Miami.
Jupiter is on the East Coast of Florida About 90 Miles North of Miami.

Date of Sighting: December 24, 2010
Time of Sighting: 10:07 PM EST
Location of Sighting: Jupiter, Florida (See Map)

Description: I went out this evening to walk my Four Siberian Huskies. I looked East towards the Atlantic Ocean and saw a red flare. Thinking it might be a distress flare, I called for my family to come out. Even though it was chilly, the dogs sat and became calm and everything was so quiet. The object started heading west making S turns and flying in Z patterns and then I noticed it was in a shape of a triangle. If I put my hand up to the sky, it was the size of my palm. It was bigger than a star, smaller than the moon, possibly the size of a large airplane. Slowly, but surely, it came to an almost complete stop and then moved backwards a little. It was glowing a steady red color, not blinking or moving like an airplane. My wife and two kids came out and commented on how quiet it was. Then in amazement they watched it start to move again towards the west and then climb in altitude straight up like a rocket. It started to pick up speed and climb into the clear night sky and it just vanished as calmly and quietly as it appeared. My son commented on how it looked like Santa's Sleigh and with that, the dogs started to jump around and the night sounds returned. My son and daughter knew that this was weird and convinced my wife to report it to 911, not knowing the proper protocol. However, they did document the call and said they would colloborate with other agencies. This all happened under a minute or so and there was no time for video or pictures. Whatever/Whoever this was, there was such a sense of serenity while we witnessed a crowning event in our lifetime. I will never forgot the glowing color or the calmness I felt. We then went to the internet to see if there was any like stories and were surprised that this happened in Jupiter on October 30, 2010 and with similiar attributes.

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