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Sighting Reports 2010

Aerial Craft in Equilateral Triangle Formation Shift to Line & Back to a Triangle

Kennewick is in the Desert in Southeast Washington.
Kennewick is in the Desert in Southeast Washington.

Date of Sighting: July 25, 2010
Time of Sighting: Around 3 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Kennewick, Washington (See Map)

Description: Four of us were out relaxing in our pool when we spotted 3 aircraft of some sort flying in formation. They were in an equilateral triangle then shifted to a line and back to a triangle before splitting up. They appeared to be floating in the air. They were higher than a bird would fly, but didn't appear to be aircraft. It was about 3 in the afternoon and the sky was clear. They either had some sort of light or had reflective qualities. We saw them in the sky to the north and watched them for about an hour or maybe even longer as they flew over us and disappeared rapidly to the south of us. Originally there were 3 of them that we noticed, however, we saw a 4th that appeared to be separate from the 3. About an hour later, we noticed there were more in the sky west of where the original 4 were. We tracked them for about 15 minutes. They disappeared rapidly when a plane flew by and we didn't see them again.


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