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Sighting Reports 2010

Some Sort of Creature Seen Ascending Slowly Over Traffic Light

Lafayette is in Western Indiana.
Lafayette is in Western Indiana.

Date of Sighting: August 29, 2010
Time of Sighting: 2:10 AM EDT
Location of Sighting: Lafayette, Indiana (See Map)

Description: I saw some sort of creature the size of maybe a very large dog floating slowly straight up into the air, directly over traffic light at close range. It was dark, so it appeared to be a grayish blue color. Other drivers probably saw it too, but I know a man and a little boy walked from the entrance to the hospital where I work, all the way out to the road to get a closer look. I turned my car around and went back, but it was gone. I have been noticing a large bright light in the sky some nights that does not behave like a star or planet. It was present, very close and very bright on this night and some co-workers and I also observed many, many tiny green lights flying high in the sky.

Second Report by Witness (in Response to Questions): Sorry for the lack of details. I had previously reported this on another site, but they must have thought it was fake. They didn't even post it. So I wasn't sure if anyone was interested, but I know I lie awake at night thinking and thinking trying to sort out what happened. I work at the Clarian Arnett Hospital in Lafayette Indiana as a nursing assistant. I never ever do drugs or drink alcohol. I work the night shift (6 PM - 6:30 AM) and had left at 01:40 AM to go to Taco Bell. This hospital is out in the country with no street lights around so it is very dark except for a traffic light out on the corner past a very large parking lot. It is a 2 year old hospital. Anyway at 02:10 the thing was silently and slowly floating straight up. I couldn't see it when it got higher because of the roof of my car. When I turned around it was gone. A man with a little boy walked from the hospital entrance all the way to the road because they saw it too which made me feel a lot better to know I wasn't crazy. I did not catch his name. But my co workers who are registered nurses did see the big bright light and the small green ones and also had some strange stories of their own. One nurse told me of a small craft she saw in her yard years ago. I am not sure if they would be willing to talk, but I am! I have been fascinated as I have discovered recently that I believe aliens are here, however I know I wasn't influenced by my belief. I saw what I saw. Really there is no benefit to talking about it most people think I'm nuts. I feel I could best make a sketch on paper and mail it to you. I would be glad to do an interview or answer any questions. I greatly admire the work you do. And I'm pretty sure if it would stop raining here I would see more. Nearly every night when it is clear I have seen strange lights, but not sure if they were stars or planets or satellites or space stations so I've been researching how each of them behave before I go crying wolf. But on the night of August 29th I will probably never know what I saw.

Note: It is doubtful that the bright light is related to the creature sighting. The bright light probably is a celestial object given that it has been regularly seen on successive nights. Anyone who may have witnessed this sighting is urged to file a report.

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