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Sighting Reports 2010

Family Sees 3 Large Orange Lights in Night Sky

Madison is in South-Central Wisconsin.
Madison is in South-Central Wisconsin.

Date of Sighting: October 2, 2010
Time of Sighting: 7:45 PM CDT
Location of Sighting: Madison, Wisconsin (See Map)

Description: Hi. My husband, I and our neighbor and her 5 year old daughter saw 3 orange lights in the sky, about 7:45 PM over Madison, Wisconsin. We live on the near west side of Madison. It was already dark out and the skies were mostly clear. We were coming home from dinner at the same time as our neighbors and we both noticed the unusual lights and went to the front yard to take a look. We were facing east, the lights were moving approximately northeast to southwest, slowly. There were 3 of them, round glowing orange lights, bigger than a star or airplane light, not blinking, moving together in a straight line formation. We heard no noise. Our neighborhood is wooded so we could only watch for a minute or two. They appeared to be gaining in altitude and then were gone. There is an activity military air base in Madison (Truax Field). I noticed on your website that there have been several other reports of 3 orange lights moving in formation in the midwest as well as Texas and Florida.

Note: The witness is correct in that we have been receiving many reports of orange lights and orbs. Some of these have been identified as flares used in military aerial exercises. That is a doubtful explanation for the above given that the witness said that the lights were rising.

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