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Sighting Reports 2010

- Round, Object With 5 Protrusions on the Bottom Seen in Night Sky -

Malden is in Northwestern Illinois.
Malden is in Northwestern Illinois.

Date of Sighting: August 26, 2010
Time of Sighting: 9:03 PM CDT
Location of Sighting: Malden, Illinois (See Map)

Description: I just stepped out onto the front porch and looked up to see an unusually bright white light in the sky. I couldn't estimate the size, distance or speed. However, compared to the morning star Venus, I would say it was at least three to four times bigger and very much brighter. It was pure white, round, and had what appeared to be five straight things on the bottom of it. The "protrusions" were possibly probes or antenna looking things which were the same bright white as the object itself. It definitely was not a satellite, jet or airplane. It's movement was in an unsteady straight line of travel from SW to NE. By unsteady I mean it had the appearance of an object that was connected to a string and being carried in a straight line of direction, but had a very slight wiggle to it while moving forward. As my sight of the object was blocked by trees, I went through the house and out the back door to hopefully view it some more. The object was still extremely bright white, but slightly smaller now. My sight of it was blocked again by a tree for only two or three seconds and when it was viewable again: That is when I could tell that there were five straight antenna or probe looking things at the bottom. At first I thought these five things may have been an illusion due to the glare, however, at a certain distance when the object did not appear as bright, I could more distinctly see that there were five straight antenna or pole looking things connected to the bottom of it. As it got further away, it seemed to have changed to a much duller golden/yellow-orange color eventually getting smaller, dimmer and then just faded away. There were no clouds, fog or haze. The sky was absolutely crystal clear. I have seen numerous things in the sky throughout my lifetime including satellites and unidentified/unknown flying objects, and even a few genuine space traveler UFOs, but I have never seen anything like this before. I wanted to get video, but by the time I would have gotten the camera, this object would have been gone.

Note: Two other sightings were reported in the midwest at about the same time. One sighting was in Warrensburg, Missouri and the other near Chicago, Illinois. However, each of the descriptions were different so it is unlikely that the sightings are related.

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