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Sighting Reports 2010

Airborne Silver Objects About Size of "Pencil Eraser" Seen in Daylight

Marion is in Central Ohio.
Marion is in Central Ohio.

Date of Sighting: July 2, 2010
Time of Sighting: 6 to 6:30 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: Marion, Ohio (See Map)

Description: We saw one object silver in color moving from east to west very slow above Marion Ohio. The apparent size was about the size of pencil eraser because of height. A second later one appeared from east one from west and all three lined up north to south. A couple of seconds later red and silver came from east and west lined up one east and one west. All but one went west. The objects were seen by three people.

Note: This sighting is quite unusual, but it is difficult to follow the witness's report. Apparently multiple objects came from the east and west. The objects then lined up in a north to south orientation. Questions have been posed to the witness. Updates will be posted.

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