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Sighting Reports 2010

Woman Sees Huge Triangular Object by Helicopter. Photos Taken.

Photo and Enlargement of Triangular Object.
Photo and Enlargement of Triangular Object.

Menifee is in Southern California About 60 Miles Southeast of Los Angeles.
Menifee is in Southern California
About 60 Miles Southeast of Los Angeles.

Date of Sighting: November 30, 2010
Time of Sighting: 6 PM PST
Location of Sighting: Menifee, California (See Map)

Description: I was returning from the grocery store on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 around 5:15 PM and saw what seemed to be a shooting star north by the mountains in front of me. However it was too low for that so I thought maybe it was a meteor shower. I drove home and unpacked and starting doing my homework.

I live in Menifee, CA, which is located above Temecula and Murrieta and below Riverside and yes there are a lot of military helicopters out here and they usually do there runs by our house a few times a week. Lately it has been a lot more. I heard the chopper outside and something compelled me to go out and look. I went outside in my backyard and at this time it is about 6:00 PM. The sky was clear no clouds and all the stars were visible. I looked up and to the right heard and saw the chopper and then turned around to my left (south) and out of nowhere comes this huge black triangle shaped object. It was all lit up on all sides with white bright lights actually looked like one solid light all around, but after viewing the pictures it has hundreds of lights. It was making a constant low humming sound and was real low and moving slow. It was about 3 to 4 times bigger than my house! It blocked all the stars, the big and little dipper is directly above my house.

At first I thought it might be stealth, but living in AZ for 12 years in the past I have seen and heard stealth aircraft and they are loud and this was much, much bigger. So I thought maybe this thing is the Aurora, but then I thought why would the military bring this out at rush hour traffic and dinner time?

It went right over me and kept on moving north down to all my neighbor's houses. The chopper was at first in front of it about a half a mile just watching it then moved sort of beside it. Then they went in a circular motion and I just couldn't believe how big this thing was and all lit up! I ran in the house and grabbed my camera. I was able to take 2 pictures of it from the back side. Then it just kept moving further away, again at a slow steady pace. I have never seen anything like this at this close range. I am still a little freaked out, but I think something is going to happen and they are here to protect us or warn us, I think we are going to war again real soon. They just shot the missile off from the sea last week here and yes I saw that too! I was driving home and saw the missile bright light coming down. Anyway I didn't want to call the TV stations or anything because I think it would get dismissed as a military weapon of some sort, but I don’t think it was military at all.

Second Report by Witness: The witness stated in a phone interview that the object passed directly overhead and was all "lit up." She heard a well defined "humming sound." The object slowly moved northward. She went inside and fetched her camera. The photo above was taken as the object moved away. She became aware of the object because she originally heard the sound of a helicopter. A military helicopter was close by and appeared to be observing the object.

Note: Wow! We get lots of reports of triangular objects, but few photos. A witness in Northern California (Bay area) report a triangular object on November 29, 2010. Click here to read this report.

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