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Sighting Reports 2010

Another Phoenix Lights Incident?

Mesa is About 10 Miles East of Downtown Phoenix.
Mesa is About 10 Miles East of Downtown Phoenix.

Date of Sighting: February 14, 2010 (Similar Sighting Occurred on the Previous Day)
Time of Sighting: 7:30 PM MST
Location of Sighting: Mesa, Arizona (See Map)

Description: Last night four of us watched a strange looking vehicle of some sort in the sky which had only red lights.  It was flying quite low and we could hear no sound.  For a couple of minutes it sort of wafted, then changed directions and came toward us for a while.  It then turned the other way and shot off.  The bright red light turned to a pinpoint of light in a micro-second and then just disappeared.  We stood there for quite a while and it never appeared again.  The sky was as usual totally clear.
Tonight, again around 7:30, there were three of the same lights, again in the eastern sky.  The lights moved around a bit as helicopters might, but again had only red lights and made no sound.  Quite suddenly, one of the lights simply disappeared and in another minute the second one.  The third remained for a minute or so and then disappeared also. 
We see incoming and outgoing aircraft constantly from our yard because we have a clear view of the flight path over the airport.  We also fairly often see helicopters hovering over either the US 60 or the 101 Freeway when there is an accident or traffic jam.  We have never, ever seen anything like these red things.
They appeared to be maybe over east Mesa?  We are wondering if anyone else saw these lights.  There were six of us watching them tonight.

Note: No other reports have been received from this area. Others who may have witnessed these lights are urged to file a report or use the comment form below.

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