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Sighting Reports 2010

Pilot Sees Large Stationary Object With Large White Lights Facing Down

Sketch of Object Sent by Witness.
Sketch of Object Sent by Witness.

Miami Lakes is a Suburb to the Northwest of Miami.
Miami Lakes is a Suburb to the Northwest of Miami.

Date of Sighting: December 9, 2010
Time of Sighting: 11:30 PM EST
Location of Sighting: Miami Lakes, Florida (See Map)

Description: Quite frankly I don't know what I saw, but it was definitely not a blimp, helicopter or an AC on the approach or depart re from either   Miami International or OPA LOCKA Air Port.  

I arrived home in Miami Lakes about 11:30 PM and I was walking across my lawn to the front door I noticed a light in the sky at roughly 220 - 230 degrees west-southwest and at about 45 degrees above  the horizon. What was strange about this light were two very large white lights facing down. They were kind of like the old retractable landing light, but much larger. There were other lights all over. Some were colored and others were white. The object was very large and if I had to guess at the shape either flat or elongated.  The object remained motionless in the same spot the entire time I watched it  (five or ten minutes). It looked to be from five to eight miles from my position. I was still in the same spot when I went into the house. It kind of sounds very much like the report from the gentleman who reported  seeing lights at in the sky at 6 AM on the 10th in the same general location. Could there be a connection?

I am a pilot and a trained observer I know the difference and the light configuration on most all aircraft. All I can say is that I have never seen anything that remotely resembles the lights I saw on the 9th. Quite frankly I don't know what it was, but I would love to have some one give me their best guess. I can not believe that no one reported this. I looked in the News Paper and the TV News the next day. There was no mention of strange lights in the sky?

Do you have any information on this event?

Information Supplied by Witness Relating to Above Sketch: Forgive my delay in responding to your last post. The main reason is,  I have been trying to remember this incident in as great a detail as possible. So here is what I came up with. The positioning of the object is correct. The elevation is also correct. I double checked on successive nights to see it the lights might be something quite ordinary, but they were not.  

The main things that stick in my mind are the two white lights I perceive were on the bottom. I did not notice any beam shining down from these lights, something I would think is normal for lights of that intensity. The other main thing was that it did not move during the entire sighting. It did not move either across my field of vision, nor did it move up or down or grow larger or smaller as would a aircraft coming towards me or going away. There was no sound, but I attribute that to the fact that it was some distance from my position.  There were smaller lights on top as I have depicted in the attached drawing. As to the shape, I have take a guess at the possible shape it could have been round (sauce shaped) or cigar shaped. I just could not be sure.
The one thing that still bothers me about this sighting was that in addition to the smaller lights I saw a red and a green light. Red and green are standard aircraft navigation lights?
I hope that this information is helpful. If you need any thing else you may call me.
I really would like love to know what this was and if there have been other people reporting this or similar sightings

Note: The witness is referring to another report from Miami Lakes that occurred on December 10. Click here to read this report.

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