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Sighting Reports 2010

Orange Orb Intensifies, Flickers, Streaks Away & Repeats Pattern

Map Showing the Location of the Restaurant and Bank Building Over Which the Object Was Sighted.
Map Showing the Location of the Restaurant and Bank Building
Over Which the Object Was Sighted.

Date of Sighting: May 28, 2010
Time of Sighting: 10:30 PM to Midnight
Location of Sighting: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Description: Listen to Witness Report (MP3)
I saw an orange light hovering above the Wells Fargo Building. It had smooth movements in all directions and then the movements would get quicker and the intensity of the light would change. Shortly after these events the object would fly off in different directions very sharply and quickly. Only to reappear a few minutes later above the building again. This strange event remained repetitive for over an hour. Sixty plus people saw this event including the waiters and waitresses at Solera's Restaurant. At one point the object moved suddenly across the sky and hovered in a different location off to the west. When the object moved fast it seemed that there was no acceleration. It just got fast. A commercial jet flew over and it followed it in short burst of speed for a short period of time and then shot off to the northwest again. Then, roughly 3 minutes later reappeared over the Building to repeat it's actions. I will be submitting video (Even though my digital camera took crappy video of it). I also will be going back to Solera to see if I can see it happening again. I hope other people there that were taking pictures and video of this submit them too.

Note: I had a subsequent conversation with the witness after listening to his voice-mail. The witness is a professional engineer and made detailed observations of what he and many others saw. The strangest aspect of this sighting is that the light kept returning to the Bank Building (Wells Fargo). It is very unlikely that the light was a commercial promotional light because skies were totally clear at the time of the sighting. Sometimes commercial lights can reflect off of clouds and produce strange aerial effects. There is some evidence that air traffic was diverted due to the presence of the light. The witness called aviation authorities (Metropolitan Flight Commission) and was told that the airliner in the area at the time may have been instructed to divert given its very low altitude. (This has not been verified with the Federal Aviation Administration.) Anyone who sighted this light or has videos or photos is urged to file a report.

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