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Sighting Reports 2010

Man Sees 3 Aerial Oblong Lights Move Slowly Then Speed Away

Modesto is About 90 Miles East-Southeast of San Francisco.
Modesto is About 90 Miles East-Southeast of San Francisco.

Date of Sighting: April 26, 2010
Time of Sighting: 12:15 AM PDT
Location of Sighting: Modesto, California (See Map)

Description: I saw 2 blue oblong almost saucer shaped lights. It appeared that they were escorting a third light on either side. The third light was solid white with red, blue and yellow flashing around the white light in sequence. They were moving from south to north in direction at a very low rate of speed. I stopped and pulled over off the road to watch. As I was getting out of my car with my video camera, all three one after the other (blue, white, blue) took off faster than anything I have ever seen before. I don't know what it was, or what it could be. The only thing I can say is that I have never seen anything like it before other than, one night my father and I saw a solid orange/amber light in the sky back in 1978 that moved more erratic & faster than this sighting.


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