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Sighting Reports 2010

Man Sees 2 Military Jets Chasing Bright Disk Shaped Object

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Video of F15s Taken By Witness in Sherwood, OR
Video Has Been Clipped & Slowed
Still Images With Highlights Inserted at End

Sketch of Object Provided by Witness.
Sketch of Object Provided by Witness.

Photo of Object Taken in San Bernardino, California on April 18, 2010.
Photo of Object Taken in San Bernardino, California on April 18, 2010.
The Witness Stated That the Object That He Saw Was Similar to This Object.

Newberg is About 20 Miles Southwest of Portland.
Newberg is About 20 Miles Southwest of Portland.

Radar Map Showing Returns From 1:27 to 1:33 PM When Witness Saw Jets & Unknown Object From Newberg, Oregon.
Radar Map Showing Returns From 1:27 to 1:33 PM
When Witness Saw Jets & Unknown Object From Newberg, Oregon.

Radar Map From 1:46 to 1:52 PM PDT When Witness in Sherwood, Oregon Saw F15 Jets & Unknown Object.
Radar Map From 1:46 to 1:52 PM
When Witness in Sherwood, Oregon Saw F15 Jets & Unknown Object.

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Date of Sighting: April 21, 2010
Time of Sighting: 1:30 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Newberg, Oregon (See Map)

Description: I heard some jet fighters going over the house. Living just off of wine-country, this is an odd occurrence. I could tell from the sound they were traveling low and slow (military veteran). I went outside to see if I could identify them out of boredom. I looked up to see them and saw the object. It was below the level of the clouds. I do not know the exact size, but it appeared about two-inches wide and a lit tail traveled behind it about five inches (from my perspective). It was disk-shaped and glowed with an intense white light that out-shown the sun. I immediately had to look away because of eye-strain from the light. It was zigzagging from South-southeast to a general northwest direction. The fighters continued to follow it, but it seemed oblivious to their presence. It disappeared behind some houses after only two minutes of travel in my field of view.

Information Provided by Witness in Response to Investigator Questions:

1. Was the time exactly 13:30 PDT?
   No, it was approximately 1330.  I didn't think to look at the clock until about fifteen minutes later.  I was too busy messaging people at my university to see if they also saw the object.  They only heard the jets, though as most were in class.  The jets were flying around for close to ten minutes, though.

2. Did the object move south-southeast to northwest?
   The object was moving toward the northwest.  Though it was zigzagging a little (about 1-2 inches from my perspective), it was not deviating in its course.  It was nearly too bright to keep my eyes on, but I was able to follow it until it disappeared behind a building.

3. Do you know for sure what type of military jets followed the object?  Do you have any idea what base they may have came from?
   They were F-15s.  I was stationed at the Kliever National Guard Armory for five years in the Army National Guard.  The armory was located at the foot of the Portland Airport Runway.  Every morning, afternoon, and evening, I was there to see the Portland Air National Guard F-15s lift off.  These were unmistakable F-15s.
  As for where they came from, I didn't see any of their markings so I couldn't tell where they were from.  However, they were flying low and slow compared to what they should have been flying over a population center.  That is what initially drew my attention.

4. What direction were the object and jets from your vantage point?
   From where I was standing, I saw the jets as they traveled from the south-southeast to the northwest.  I heard what I thought were more jets and looked back toward the south-southwest.  It was just the echo of the jets off of the building, but that is when I saw the object.  It was to the south-southwest at approximately 70-degrees (90 being straight up).  It was under the cloud layer, but I do not know what the altitude was.  IT was traveling slow enough that it took a couple of minutes to fully travel out of my view.

5. It would be helpful if you could construct a sketch of the object and send it to me.  If you could make a sketch with your computer, please send via email attachment.
   I have drawn a basic sketch and attached it, but you already have a picture.  It was almost identical to the object pictured in the San Bernardino, California - April 18, 2010 photos.  However, it was not a complete disk.  The back seemed to be flat (about the rear quarter).  Also, it was only a single object.

When I saw the object, I got a headache like I was looking at the sun for a while.  It lasted until I went to bed.  Unfortunately, the headache has only decreased, but it has not gone away since sleeping.

Also, though I can see no difference in my vision, I can still see the silhouette of the object when I close my eyes.  It is like looking at a light then closing your eyes, except this thing was seen about 21 hours ago.

I read the report that you wrote in the notes section and have an issue with it.  You say that there are F-16s stationed at the Portland Airport with the Air National Guard unit, but they are in fact F-15s.  My Army National Guard unit worked closely with them and I got to know them quite well (especially when they scream off the runway practically over the armory I was stationed at.

If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.  Also, if this headache does not clear up by tomorrow, I will go in to see my doctor.  If anything odd comes out of the appointment, I will let you know (but since it has eased, I do not think anything will come out of it).

Note: The object was seen during daylight and was brighter than the sun according to the witness. The witness stated the air traffic was not a usual occurrence in his area. The witness stated in his subsequent report that F15 aircraft are stationed in Portland. He should know given that he was stationed at that location previously. Perhaps that is where the fighters originated? Northwestern Oregon contains no military operations areas. Military operations are sometimes conducted off of the U.S. and Canadian Coasts. (See clip of newspaper article from the Aberdeen, Washington Daily World from June 13, 2010 - PDF.) Given the fact that the object was pursued by military jets radar data was requested and has subsequently been received. Part of the request was denied by the FAA because of "classified military or law enforcement operations." Click here to read letter from the FAA denying part of the request for radar data (PDF). The denial was on the basis of classified military and law enforcement operations. The radar data have not yet been analyzed. The above video shows some objects moving ahead and in the same direction as the F15s. These objects could only be seen by slowing the footage. These objects could be explained as birds or insects and of course they could be UFOs? More information will be added as the investigation of this case continues.

Update June 22, 2010: A video of the F15 jets has been received from the above commenter. The video has been edited and clipped to a few frames showing objects that the F15s may have been pursuing. The full video will be posted in later reports.

Update July 21, 2010: We finally received a response from the US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM). We requested the rationale for scrambling of the F15 jets over a non military operations area on April 21, 2010. STRATCOM provided a typical response: Click here to read the STRATCOM response letter (PDF). "We have searched our files and found no records responsive to your request." This is an interesting response considering that the FAA denied part of the radar request because of Military and/or law enforcement operations.

Comments Received on April 28, 2010: I live in Sherwood, Oregon not far from Newberg and on 4-21-2010 at the same time of the report I saw the two F15's in formation, one following the other apparently after something since it was so unusual to see them do this and so low below the already low (about 2000' to 2500' ?) cloud cover. I did not see the UFO they were apparently chasing. They covered the same circular path around Sherwood about 9 times I counted. (This lasted about 15 minutes.) Then they departed to the East toward Tulatin, Oregon. I have lived in Sherwood for 10 years and have seen a lot of UFO activity day and night over the years. I am an FAA licensed glider private pilot.

Two radar maps are included. (See above.):

Map One (1:27 to 1:33 PM PDT): The first radar map was constructed to show targets when the witness in Newberg, Oregon saw two military jets pursue an unknown object in a northwesterly direction. The radar map above is reasonably consistent with the witness report. The map clearly shows two military jets flying in a northerly direction. The radar also shows possible unknown targets "out-ahead" of the military jets. These returns could be due to other causes like "radar angels." Of course they could be real UFOS!

Map Two (1:46 to 1:52 PM PDT): The second map was constructed to show the time when the witness in Sherwood, Oregon took the video of military jets possibly pursuing an unknown object. The video was taken towards the south and slow motion framing shows airborne objects ahead of the aircraft. (The witness confirmed the time and direction of the video in a later report.) The radar in map two shows the jets making a path to the south of Sherwood. The jets were flying in a circle. The map also shows possible unknown radar targets ahead of the jets. Again these returns could be due to other causes like "radar angels," but the time and location shows the returns in a location towards which the jets were flying. The radar is consistent with the witness report and the video. The main question is the identity of the radar target and the object that appeared in slowed frames of the video.

The military aircraft were flying very low (for both of the above time periods) with altitudes between about 2,500 and 3,500 feet noted on the radar targets. The aircraft were also flying very slow and not much above "stall speed for a F15 aircraft.

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