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Sighting Reports 2010

Three See Strange Creature Near Golf Course

Newberg is About 20 Miles Southwest of Portland.
Newberg is About 20 Miles Southwest of Portland.

Date of Sighting: October 28, 2010 (Another Sighting Occurred Few Weeks Earlier)
Time of Sighting: 2 PM PDT (Earlier Sighting Was at 11 PM PDT)
Location of Sighting: Newberg, Oregon (See Map)

Description: A few weeks ago while walking in the woods near the Friendsview Manor in Newberg, Oregon around 11:00 PM to -12:45 PM, my friend and I caught a glimpse of a weird, 2 legged creature running through a patch of grass to the left of the walking path. We were startled, as it was running into the dark. About 5 minutes later, 100 yards up the path, we saw this "thing" run by again. This time I could see that it had two skinny dark legs (like the hind ones of a deer, forked forward at the knee). It was short (approximately waist level) and leaping/running farther up the trail. it was dark, and definitely not a person or deer. The thing made no noises and we only saw it for a second. Then two Days ago while playing Disc golf at Ewing Young Course on a wooded section of the course, two other friends and I saw a similar creature during the day. As we approached hole 10 from behind the basket, we saw the same thing. It had slick greasy looking black hair like that of a dog and the same forked legs at the knee. We could not see a face, because a small tree blocked the view. After about 5 seconds of standing still, it hopped behind the tree out of sight. When we went to look, it was gone. I saw another post like this, posted on May 18, 2005 in Newberg, and I am wondering if it is the same creature.

Note: Investigation is in progress for this case. Sketches have been requested. Updates will be posted. The creature has characteristics of a Marsupial (e.g. Kangaroo), but one wonders what a Marsupial would be doing in Oregon? (They are native to Australia.) Given the additional information received on January 17, 2011 from investigator Bradford Evans it seems unlikely that the creature was a wallaby.

Update: Given comments received below it does sound like that the witnesses may be seeing Wallabies which are a Marsupial.

Interviewer Note (By UFO Investigator Bradford Evans):  The young witness seemed to be sincere in his report.  The size and gait of the creature suggests an animal that is not local to this region. Unfortunately, he and the other witnesses did not seem to get a good look at the face.  It’s unclear if this was the identical creature on both occasions, but the youth’s account suggests that it was the same species.  In light of another report by a Newberg resident, it seems very possible that these witnesses saw feral wallabies.  While the creature they described is somewhat taller than the average wallaby, there are accounts of escaped wallabies going feral in other parts of the world.

Comments Received October 28, 2010 From a Resident in Newberg, Oregon: We have neighbors in our same block who own two pet shops and they at times have had Wallabies in their yard. Neighborhood dogs killed one in their yard maybe a year ago. This sounds to me as if one of them have escaped and is running loose. Wallabies are considerably smaller than Kangaroos, but have the same appearance. Just a guess, but this is what this sounds like to me.

Update - January 17, 2011 (From Investigator Brad Evans): I also wanted to let you know that I contacted the pet store in Newberg, Oregon, about the cryptids from last October. They have not had any wallabies on the loose. The last time they sold some wallabies was a couple years ago. Around that same time, a pet owner had some wallabies that got loose. But according to the pet store owner, they had been recaptured. The pet owner doubted that wallobies could survive in this climate during the winter, but they seem to be quite resource little animals.

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