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Sighting Reports 2010

Several Witness Multicolored Lights That Merged & Split

New Castle is in Western Pennsylvania Near the Ohio Border.
New Castle is in Western Pennsylvania Near the Ohio Border.

Date of Sighting: April 10, 2010
Time of Sighting: 10 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: New Castle, Pennsylvania (See Map)

Description: While driving north on Interstate 376, about 150 yards from the exit ramp to Mitchell Road, myself and two other passengers in my car witnessed a series of lights that are what we consider a definite UFO sighting. Three large balls of light, approximately the size of three bright stars, were moving south towards New Castle, Pennsylvania. We paused at the top of the exit ramp for about 2-3 minutes and watched the lights moving toward us. The three balls then turned merged into 2, or at least one of the lights went out. Then it was only one light, all the while moving closer to us. It then went back to three lights, and all began changing colors between red and green. We turned right onto Mitchell road and made an immediate left hand turn, which placed the balls of light directly above us about 300 to 500 yards in the air. There was absolutely no sound and no actual craft. We simply saw moving balls of light that were moving slow, but at a decent rate of speed. As we moved closer to Route 18, the lights began to merge into 2, and then one ball of light once again. We turned right, southbound, onto Wilmington road (route 18) and began to follow the single light. It was approximately 150 yards further south than we were, and than once again changed colors as it became two balls of light once again. I immediately called my mother and instructed her to go outside and look into the sky for what I was seeing. At this point in time, the balls of light rapidly increased in speed and shot south towards New Castle. Within 3 to 5 seconds the balls were out of our line of sight. My mother and my sister came back to the phone after about 5 minutes and corroborated my story. They only witnessed the single ball of light, but saw it changing from red to green and vice versa, all the while "skipping and jumping back and forth in the sky" unlike any conventional aircraft. The single ball of light could be seen changing colors and jumping around for at least another 20 minutes. THIS WAS NOT CONVENTIONAL AIRCRAFT. IT WAS NOT A HELICOPTER, OR SCIENCE EXPERIMENT, OR ANYTHING OF THAT SORT. These balls of light were the most intriguing and interesting things I have ever witnessed. In total, four people can corroborate my story, two of which were in the same car as me, and witnessed the balls of light fly directly over our heads. This was, in our highest opinion, a true UFO sighting. My only regret is not having a camera or video camera with me that would be able to fully represent my story.

Note: I would hope that others in the area may have seen the lights in the above report. Anyone who may have witnessed these lights is urged to file a report.

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