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Sighting Reports 2010

Man Takes Video of Unknown Aerial Blue Lights

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Still Image and Enlargement Extracted From Video.
Still Image and Enlargement Extracted From Video.

Oakdale is in North Central California About 100 Miles East of San Francisco.
Oakdale is in North Central California About 100 Miles East of San Francisco.

Date of Sighting: August 16, 2010
Time of Sighting: 10:47 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Oakdale, California (See Map)

Description: I was on a business trip to Oakdale California and videotaped what was clearly something out of this world with my blackberry camera phone. This was Monday August 16th around 10:47 PM. I am not sure how to report my sighting, but the video is great and the audio is even more mind blowing with all the witnesses that were around us. I was in the Holiday Inn Express parking lot facing east toward Yosemite.

Note: I have viewed the video and agree with the witness that the light is an unknown. The video above has been clipped to save space. The entire video shows the lights (two were seen) hover, move left, move right, and then eventually ascend. This behavior eliminates balloons or airplanes as a cause. It is unlikely that the light was a helicopter as the microphone did not pick up any sound. Also there were several witnesses in the parking viewing the lights. No one heard a helicopter. (Read below an additional report submitted to another website by another witness.)

The entire video can be viewed on Youtube at:

Report From Another Witness: Source -
About 10:30 tonight I went out to water the lawn facing the eastern sky. There was a light bluish object in the sky. It stood out as I continued to watch it. It very slowly started to move my direction westerly, stop, stay slightly back and slightly forward. Then it started to move east climbed in altitude then stated to really become active. It would rise lower forward backward side to side. It was really acting weird. Then at one point the light of the thing went out. It went out and then after three or four minutes it flicked on then go off maybe for a minute or two. Then it was a steady flickering and it started moving again. It came down close to where it was going to be where I was going to lose sight of it. The back up it looked like it was over the other end of town maybe two to three miles away. It's really hard to be sure how far it was, but when it would lower itself it was brighter. I watched it for a good twenty minutes. I'm sure there had to be witnesses that saw what I saw. The color of it alone made it stand out.

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