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Sighting Reports 2010

Man Sees 3 Airborne Spherical Objects Move With Wave-Like Motion

Date of Sighting: February 28, 2010
Time of Sighting: 2:30 PM PST
Location of Sighting: Oakland, California (About 10 Miles From Airport)

Description: I was looking out my bedroom window. I was watching what I thought was a plane. I live ten miles away from the Oakland Airport so I see planes of all types all the time. Except this one was moving differently. It didn't look right either. It was shaped like a sphere. 

It was moving up and down like a wave as it was traveling south. Then I noticed two others just like the first. I noticed that they were also changing colors. They were not blinking, just changing slowly from black to orange and then black again. They seemed to be very close together and they began to move slowly in different directions, but never ceasing to move in an overall southerly direction except for a few times when they remained still mid-air. They would go in and out of the clouds and after a couple of minutes they were gone.
Keep in mind, none of their movements were dramatic. They were very subtle. If you weren't paying attention, or simply not watching them for very long, they might have been shrugged off as planes even though nothing about them actually resembled planes. I don't think they were trying to get noticed like many UFO sighting reports imply. They did have a firm direction and probably were conducting business of more important means than simply entertaining us small folks on the ground.
I typed in the date, location, and city on google looking for other people who may have seen what I saw, and came across your web site. Even though I found no other posts, I thought I might make a contribution.

Note: The witness makes a case that the objects sighted were not airplanes. A check of weather conditions and winds for Oakland Airport shows that a few clouds were located at 1,500 feet and winds at this level were very light, but from the south. Given that the witness stated that the objects were moving in and out of clouds moving in a southerly direction indicates that they were not balloons or other devices that would drift with the wind. The noted color is also intriguing.

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