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Sighting Reports 2010

Man Shoots Video of Boomerang Shaped Object With IR Camera

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Segment Extracted From Video
Entire Video on Youtube:

Still Image of Object Extracted From Video.
Still Image of Object Extracted From Video.

Date of Sighting: May 25, 2010
Time of Sighting: 10 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Oakland, California

Description: I have been seeing these craft every Friday night for the past month using my NVRS Generation 2+ 3x50 night scope. I knew no one would believe me unless I made the video. So I ordered the necessary parts and material to mate the Infrared (IR) scope to the Sony Handy Cam. I went out Friday Night 5-28-2010 sat in my lawn chair in the back yard at about 9:55 PM and started filming the night sky. Right on time at 10:00 PM the craft flew over and I got them. I have seen larger triangle craft like the TR3-B, but no video yet. Now that I have the tools I will be hunting. They are out there in prolific numbers. You just need the IR to see them. Thank you for your interest.

Second Report by Witness: I was alone when taking the above video. My wife was in the house. From my own observations on previous nights I could not see these craft with out the IR camera. In the last video the craft went into the clouds and I lost them. I then heard the jet passenger plane and thought to film it for comparison. A few weeks ago I used the IR scope and saw 3 squadrons of about five each similar craft on same heading at near 10:00 PM Friday night. About 5 minutes later a large triangle craft similar to the TR3-B followed behind them. The 3 squadrons of small craft were traveling at least 10X speed over conventional fighter aircraft at similar altitude to latest video. My wife was with me for that event. She could not see any of it with out the IR. We then found a large craft with the IR that slowly traveled in a lazy zigzag pattern toward the west at an altitude estimated at 100 miles. She was able to see that one when I gave her the scope. I hope this information helps. My thoughts are these are our craft undisclosed to the public. Man I would love to fly one. I will be going out tonight to try my luck, but may have to wait till next Friday for another good capture.

Note: Wow what strange things show up in the sky when you look outside the visible spectrum! The witness says that he would like to fly one. I would like to capture one on video. However, I live here on the Washington Coast in a remote area. Perhaps these secret craft (military) are only being tested in urban areas?

Comments Received June 3, 2010: The IR video of the boomerang craft looks similar to the night vision footage of a triangular craft taken December 5, 2008 in Fremont, California.

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