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Sighting Reports 2010

Game Camera Captures Strange Creature?

Photo Retrieved From Game Camera. (There is no Proof That This is a Real Photo.)
Photo Retrieved From Game Camera.
(There is no Proof That This is a Real Photo.)

Palmyra, Indiana is a Small Town in Southern Indiana About 20 Miles Northwest of Louisville, Kentucky.
Palmyra, Indiana is a Small Town in Southern Indiana
About 20 Miles Northwest of Louisville, Kentucky.

Date of Sighting: December 18, 2010 (Date Photo Retrieved From Camera)
Time of Sighting: Not Known
Location of Sighting: Near Palmyra, Indiana (See Map)

Description (Witness Responses to Investigator Questions):

It was my friend's camera. I will ask Him what make it is, but his camera was left in the woods since early deer season and they just got it out of the woods a couple days ago. He lives off of North Road In Palmyra, IN. I thought it was unbelievable myself. I'll try to get more details.

He says it is his stepfather's camera, and his dad thought his sons were playing a prank on him, but they all swear they didn't. Not sure what the exif signature means. He says all the pictures date and time are hard to read because it's an older game camera. He's suppose to get the details for me tomorrow about the camera. It looks hard to believe to me, but definitely does not look human to me. It looks kind of like a demon if you can believe such a thing. He seems very serious about it and they don't know their technical stuff. If it's not real, there must be some smart people roaming the woods tampering with game cameras. That is all I know.

Note: The photo sent was of very low resolution and was in "PNG" format so there was no digital signature showing details (camera make, model, date taken, shutter speed, etc). Given this information the photo should be treated with suspicion. Of course the photo could be real and perhaps someone did put something in front of the camera as a prank. Of course there is always the possibility that the photo is of something real? Any more details regarding this photo will be posted.

Comments Received December 21, 2010:

This one looks interesting but it has a couple things in common among hoaxers.
The person who supplied the photo is not the direct source.
The photo was submitted in a non standard format.
The body structure is unusual as the deltoids are disproportionately huge when compared to the very thin arms and legs.
Also there’s an unusual amount of contrast around the eyes and frame which is inconsistent with a direct frontal light source.
The object could have been fabricated and placed in front of the camera as well as created in Photoshop.
At this point there’s too many questions prohibiting anything conclusive.

Comments Received December 23, 2010: I wanted to send you this link. I find it interesting that this 'creature' is the same being used as an avatar by a member of my Coin Collecting Forum. I hope this helps you reach a definitive conclusion as to whether or not this photo is a hoax.

Note: The link provided by the above commenter no longer contains the fake "Avatar" creature. I saw the image when I visited the link a few days ago and the creature looked "exactly" like the image at the top of this page. It appears that the creature image was fused with the background of a photo taken by a game camera.

Please Scroll down and you will soon see the avatar I am talking about.

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