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Sighting Reports 2010

Couple Claim to Have Encounter With Strange Lights

Date of Sighting: April 27, 2010
Time of Sighting: 12:45 AM PDT
Location of Sighting: Portland, Oregon

Description: I am describing what happened as dictated to me by my boyfriend. Around 12:45 AM last night (April 27th) he awoke to find a bright orange/red light filling our room. Instead of getting up to find out what was going on, he says he felt compelled to go back to sleep. Shortly thereafter, I awoke for no reason and went back to sleep. I have no recollection of seeing anything, though after returning to sleep I cannot recall anything at all. I normally sleep very lightly, and have very active dreams which I remember so this was strange and I noted it upon waking in the morning. My boyfriend reports going back to sleep after seeing the light, and then having a VERY vivid dream in which he was being "chased" by "small gray people". After this, he remembers having very strange dreams in which he was surrounded by "a lot of people" that he didn't know. I should mention again that I sleep very lightly, no exceptions, but last night I slept like I was dead. My boyfriend reports that he remembers hearing my breathing and being scared, because I sounded like I was laboring to breath. Again, for this not to wake me up is very, very strange.

Additional Information Supplied by Witness in Response to Investigator Questions: Hi William:
Yes as a matter of fact, I read Communion, a couple years ago, which actually helped explain a similar experience I had as a child. The dream I had recently took place in my childhood home, where I do not live currently, in Massachusetts. When I was younger I remember being awake, but unable to move, lying in bed, while a bright light filled my third story bedroom that faced the woods. In addition to the light there was what I recall as the old Celtics mascot, a menacing leprechaun, in my bedroom staring at me. After reading Communion I was able to put that particular memory into some sort of explainable context. The dream I had the other night occurring in that same house feels more like a memory than a 'dream.' I was always uneasy living there, like I was being watched by unseen eyes, or that there was someone lurking, sometimes calling my name or accompanied by a high frequency ringing in my ears. I believe that the light on Monday night I saw was evidence of a visiting and that it triggered memories of past ones. I hope that puts things into perspective.

Note: Encounters of this nature are difficult to prove or investigate. The witnesses sound credible and have promptly responded to my questions.

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