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Sighting Reports 2010

Man Sees UFO Over Downtown Area. Several Photos Taken.

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Slide Show of 5 Photos (One Photo is an Enlargement)
Copyright Tom Ogle.

First Photo Taken of Object. (Included in Above Slide Show.)
First Photo Taken of Object. (Included in Above Slide Show.)

Date of Sighting: July 23, 2010
Time of Sighting: First Was Taken Around 9:30 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Seattle, Washington (Lower Queen Anne Area)

Background:  I witnessed a UFO sighting this past Friday evening, July 23rd, above the downtown/metro Seattle area, occurring approximately between 9 and 9:30 PM that evening.  I have photographic proof of the same.

I live on lower Queen Anne, two blocks north of the Opera House on Mercer Street.  I initially began photographing from my apartment and then ran over to the parking garage's rooftop.  The camera was a point and shoot on a tripod with a self-timer.  What that means is the blurred motion appearing in some of my 20+ frames was affected by the object not the camera operation or myself.
DetailThis was an object appearing to "flutter", had a noticeable wobble, a slip-sliding/irregular/undulating motion, yet appearing to be under intelligent command.  It appears as a 5-sided/pentagon shape.  There was no sound, no navigational lights, and a lazy/hovering flight path.  I watched and photographically recorded the object.  There appears to be an aura/plasma effect surrounding the object akin to vapor thrown off from a fighter's wings in some instances.

The object was due south of my vantage point, within approximately 1/2 mile. It's altitude was relatively low, estimated to be 1000 to 2000 feet.  I state this based upon two things:  it's proximity to the horizon and the Space Needle (700ft.) as a reference.  In addition, the camera I was using had very limited optics leading me to believe that it was very close in proximity.

Additional Information Added by Witness: This camera that night was a Nikon Coolpix 8400, with a zoom range of 24 to 85 mm, with digital zoom thereafter. I shot 8 Megabyte files, approximately 3200 X 2400, and reproduced at a standard 300 DPI resolution. Again, film speed was IE/ASA of 50 and a shutter speed of 1/4 & 1/2 sec. with the camera on a tripod using a self-timer hands free. I have since re-captioned some shots, hopefully aiding the viewer with orientation. See Attached. I have included a few at full size and no reduction. The imagery has not been edited/retouched or even sharpened. The only post-processing done was the inclusion of captions.

Note: This is a very unusual object. There are balloons that resemble disk shaped UFOS that can be flown. However, based on the witness's observations there is no reason to believe that this was a balloon, but that explanation cannot be ruled out. Anyone else who saw, photographed this object or knows anything about its identity is urged to file a report.

The slide show above was reproduced from the 5 photos sent by the witness. One of the photos is an enlargement.

Comments Received July 27, 2010: Hi Bill: It doesn't appear to be a hoax by the photographer as his explanation of the event and limited photo detail makes it appear genuine. His explanation of an "aura/plasma" effect could be the result of jpeg compression or achromatic lens aberration which is quite common with most cameras. As you mentioned this could be a balloon with an unusual shape. It would not be difficult to attach mechanical rotating gadgets to a balloon to make it appear unusual. It would have helped if his camera had more pixels or an expensive APO zoom lens. Otherwise the photos are inconclusive either way. At least his report seems genuine.

More Comments Received July 27, 2010: This bears some resemblance to the aerial advertising banners that are often towed over the Seattle downtown and sports stadium complexes just to the south of downtown. I have not seen them this late in the day, but I do not live in the downtown area, so I am not usually not there in the evening. The banners have fooled me on a couple of occasions because at a distance you cannot see (or may overlook) the small plane towing them. The witness is correct about one thing at least - they ARE huge, and can be seen from miles away!

More Comments Received July 27, 2010: I just found your site as I had seen this same object from the Pacific Science center in Seattle. We were at the Festival of Fountains Gala and saw this object come over Queen Anne hill and eventually land? It landed somewhere in the Seattle center complex between us and Key Arena. We saw security and some other people outside the gates run towards the direction this thing landed and a few minutes later after we had made our way outside the gates, we were told to go back inside as their was nothing to see. Some of the other people that were coming back just walked by like nothing had happened! I don't know how to explain this?

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