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Sighting Reports 2010

Engineer Sees Up to 100 Lights Moving Below Cloud Cover

One of Several Photos of the Lights Taken by Witness.

Map Prepared by Witness Showing Area of Sighting.

Date of Sighting: November 20, 2010
Time of Sighting: 7:15 to 7:45 PM PST
Location of Sighting: North Seattle, Washington (See Map)

Description: I am reporting a fleet of bright lights seen to advance from the north above the area of Wallingford District in north Seattle and crossing over Lake Union. Nearly 100 of these lights were counted over the course of this sighting. The author apologizes for the poor quality of the photographs, but the temperature hovered near freezing and his hands were shaking. The lights were not in a precision formation as one might observe of a bomber squadron in flight, but they were bunched together from east-to-west with their flight path and also along the north-south axis. Although not elegantly in formation they did keep their distances synchronized and also their speed on both the E-W axis and the N-S axis. The author has witnessed hundreds of sea plane landings and take offs from Lake Union and based upon that can only estimate the speed of these lights to have been about 30 mph. The estimated height of these lights was between 1,000 to 2,000 feet based on author's familiarity from having previously climbed the KOMO TV tower which can be seen in the background in these pictures. The lights were seen below the clouds and appeared to not follow the wind which was slightly athwart the direction of travel of these lights. Moreover, they did not appear to have a means of buoyancy such as helium balloons. Also, it seemed unlikely that balloons could stay in such a tightly synchronized formation over such a distance as was observed. While speaking on the telephone with his wife the author counted out to her fifty of these lights in the span of sky covered by two hands extended at arms length with the fingers spread out, i.e. approximately 18". Each light seemed to be approximately 5 feet across and somewhat rectangular in shape. These were much too big to be Chinese lanterns or Candelabras which may have been launched by revelers. The photographs were taken while the author stood along the east shore of Lake Union near Lake Union Dry dock at the south end of the lake. The camera used was a Pentax Optio30. This whole sighting lasted from approximately 7:15 PM until 7:45 PM Saturday evening November 20, 2010. So compelling was this display of an armada of at least 100 of these lights that the author ran and got his camera. The author called the Seattle 911 Center at 10:30 PM and inquired if any citizen reports of lights over Lake Union had been made. The dispatcher confirmed that nobody had called in. The author declined to file a police report. Neither was there a mention of the lights the following day, Sunday, in any of the local news sources, i.e. KING TV, KOMO TV websites or the Seattle Times website. ABOUT THE AUTHOR The author is a sixty-nine year old retired electronics engineer and Full Member of the IEEE. He also holds a degree in Sociology. The objects seemed to originate from the north from over the Wallingford District. The temperature was approximately 40 degrees F, and the wind about 10 mph. The sky was dark because the sun set around 4:15 PM that evening. There were low lying scattered clouds. A full moon could be seen in the east over the Cascade Mountains. Jupiter was almost due south, about 15 degrees above the horizon. The lights vanished as the objects seemed to veer westward towards the west.

Comments Received November 24, 2010: I too saw these lights. I was driving with my girlfriend southbound on I-5 and I pointed them out. We were both looking at them wondering what they were, and I have no idea why I didn't let her use my phone to take a picture. The lights appeared to be very still and not move. The cluster of yellow lights (from our perspective) appeared to be to the right of the space needle, very still and not moving. We had at least a minute of driving on I-5 where the lights were in view, and as I drove further south the lights appeared to stay in their location not moving (almost as if they were in a fixed location). It was probably around 7:45 PM or so when we were driving past. On our way back North at around 9:25 PM the lights were gone. I am a 19 year old Everett Community College student and my girlfriend is 18 years old. I'm not sure if this email is posting directly to the website, or if I'm currently writing to the author.

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