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Sighting Reports 2010

White Glowing "Fireball" Light With Radiating Appendages in Night Sky

Map Showing Location of Sighting Prepared by Witnesses.
Map Showing Location of Sighting Prepared by Witnesses.

Date of Sighting: November 24, 2010
Time of Sighting: 12:45 AM PST
Location of Sighting: To the West of Seattle, Washington

Description: The location of our sighting was at 240 magnetic degrees, west of Lake Union, apparently above Puget Sound or the Olympic Peninsula. We saw a bright white glowing "fireball" circular light with radiating appendages horizontally and above the horizontal axis of the object. It appeared to change in intensity and at one point dissipated completely then came back to eventually disappear around 12:55 AM. The size was larger than normal commercial aircraft, that stayed stationary in the same place. The only thing that appeared to move was the radiating light extensions which shifted into the core then extending back out again. At times it was only a circular light and other times it was radiating with 3 extensions of bluish light, 2 horizontal and one on top. We were on the northeast side of Lake Union immediately across from Gas Works Park looking across the lake to the west and the UFO was approximately 30 degrees above the horizon. Being familiar with air traffic patterns on approach to both Boeing Field and Seattle-Tacoma Airport I am accustomed to seeing aircraft from the west and turning south from that same general vicinity. This object did not have blinking lights, it was many times larger, and the light was much brighter and diffused than normal landing lights. We noticed nothing below the horizontal horizon of this object and it didn't move for at least the 25 minutes that we noticed it.

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