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Sighting Reports 2010

4 Reddish Orange Round Shaped Lights Move SE in Night Sky

Sketch of One of Four Objects Sent by Witness.
Sketch of One of Four Objects Sent by Witness.

Souderton is About 25 Miles Northwest of Philadelphia.
Souderton is About 25 Miles Northwest of Philadelphia.

Date of Sighting: October 9, 2010
Time of Sighting: 8 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: Souderton, Pennsylvania (See Map)

Description: On that night we were in the house preparing dinner. I sat on a chair with my back to the window when my wife saw the first one behind me. I briefly looked without my glasses and said that it was just a plane on the flight path from Allentown to Philly. Then another one appeared from the same direction and we both went out in our backyard grabbing my glasses. We were shocked to see a flying object that at first sort of looked like a bright glowing hot air balloon, but was moving way too fast and straight. I then started yelling, but nobody heard me.

As we watched we saw a reddish orange round shape with what looked like a flame colored bottom attached to it moving faster than and at the height of a small airplane would fly quietly going by. We were looking a little to our left from straight up to the northwest. It was a clear still night and we could not see any other shape that lights would be on. It maintained a constant speed until it got too small because of the distance heading southeast. We talked a minute and then saw another one coming from the same direction and then another one two minutes later and fourth one after that. Each one going out of sight before the next one went by. We were not afraid, but were totally stunned and amazed and have no idea what we saw or if any went by before we saw the first one.

A footnote: We did notice two higher flying planes with the normal flashing lights going northeast from the southwest at the time. We also saw the sky lightly flashing in the direction that the objects ended and thought it might be fireworks or distant lightning. We both have lived here for over thirty years and seen all types of flying machines in the skies, but never anything like this. I made a sketch with a star to give an idea of what they looked like.

Note: The sketch looks like a hot air balloon. A check of surface winds and winds aloft shows that the winds were from a north to northwesterly direction indicating that the lights (balloons) were drifting with the wind. The apparent flashing in the distance could be due to the hot air balloons. Skies were clear and there were no thunderstorms in the area.

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