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Sighting Reports 2010

Man Sees Slow Moving Object With 5 or 6 Lights in Night Sky

Date of Sighting: March 18, 2010
Time of Sighting: 11 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: Sterling, Virginia (Suburb About 20 Miles Northwest of Washington D.C.)

Description: I just saw a large slow moving group points of what looked like reflections of moonlight. It almost looked like 5 or 6 birds in the dark, but it looked too high, smooth, and connected to be birds. It also kind of looked like a plane, but there were no lights. It was flying north along Virginia Route 28, near the intersection with Nokes Boulevard. I cannot be entirely sure what I saw, but I wanted to report in case there were other sightings in the area this evening.

Witness Response to Investigator Questions: The first night I sat in the window an hour and watched the objects move not higher in the sky, but they would stay still for a while then move in the southwest direction. The first night I saw two. The second night I saw three. The objects were about as low as a helicopter. They were too low to be a star or airplane. My mom saw this same thing first around October, 2009 and said it was about one story higher than her colonial house. The day after I saw this for the first time I searched the net to see if I could find any recent reports and a couple posted saw the same thing the previous night in Sterling Heights, but another location. The first night I lost sight of the objects because they moved in the southwest direction and never came back and the second night I watched through the window then I went outside for about 40 minutes, but I finally went inside. When I first saw it March 17 it was one in the sky not moving. In a few minutes I asked my daughter to get binoculars and I was able to see the lights changing colors, but then a second appeared. The second night I saw three with these bright lights changing colors green red and white. I have some footage on my phone, but you can't see the colors. You can see two bright lights flashing in one spot. Then one light fades away, but appears to the left. Its weird.

Note: This sighting probably could be explained if more data were available. No other reports have yet been received from this area.

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