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Sighting Reports 2011

Strange Airborne Object Shows Up in Photo of Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm Photo & Enlargement of Anomaly. Object Appears to be of Triangular Shape.
Thunderstorm Photo & Enlargement of Anomaly.
Object Appears to be of Triangular Shape.

(Photo Has Been Brightened to Reveal More Detail.)

Date of Sighting: June 25, 2011
Time of Sighting: 8:30 to 9 PM CDT
Location of Sighting: Affton, Missouri (See Map)

Description: Attached please find the photo from my camera program. The date was June 25, 2011, sometime between 8:30 and 9:00 PM. The photos were taken in Affton, St. Louis County, Missouri. A storm front was moving in and my wife and I noticed the heavy cloud formations due west of our home. I shot several pictures thinking that I might send a couple to the local weather stations, as they sometimes post them on their site or include in the nightly weather forecast. The next day I was looking at the photos and noticed the object. It only appears in this one picture. I was facing due west and I believe I was using the zoom. The camera is a Kodok C653, 6.1 mega-pixel. I did not actually see this object, in fact, judging from the picture it is quite some distance away. (If it is actually something.) I was paying more attention to the weather itself. There several claps of thunder and lightening flickering to the north. Thanks for your interest. I would like to put this to rest as it has been troubling me for many days. I am a true skeptic on a lot of topics, including UFOs, but I would like your honest evaluation.

Note: The enlargement of the photo shows a triangular shaped object. I believe that the object is real and not a lens flare, droplet on lens, etc. What could the object be? Perhaps it is a kite? Anyone's guess is as good as mine. The file information of the photo shows the date to be different than report by the witness. However, this would be true if the camera date and time were not set properly on the camera. I do not believe that the photo was doctored.

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