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Sighting Reports 2011

Strange Voice Heard. Red Light Enters Room
& Causes Electrical Interference.

Allentown is in Eastern Pennsylvania About 50 Miles North-Northwest of Philadelphia.
Allentown is in Eastern Pennsylvania
About 50 Miles North-Northwest of Philadelphia.

Date of Sighting: August 31, 2011
Time of Sighting: 3:30 AM EDT
Location of Sighting: Allentown, Pennsylvania (See Map)

Description: This was an experience. Around 3:30 this morning I woke up because I heard a disembodied voice, saying "The Earth has done for you, now you do for your earth." I woke with the last two words still coming from what I had expected outside of the window, but it was in the room. With that there was an odd red light, seemed to behave differently than a traditional light. It was a shadowy light. (It was very odd). The air conditioner was having a difficult time (a small 6,000 BTU one), however when I noticed this I noticed a full vibration of everything. It was not violent, yet very subtle. It was almost like someone driving by and blaring base. It pulsated like a cell phone on vibrate. I was terrified, as it felt like there were people in the room, or at least just outside of the window. The red light subsided, and I was no longer unable to move from fear. I looked out the window to see if there was a car, or a fire, but there was nothing. The air conditioner was fine. I went to the bathroom, and still noticed the vibrating. It wasn't as strong, but I could hear it and almost feel it yet. I went downstairs half expecting to see something that would terrify me. I turned on all of the lights, went out the back door and didn't see anything above the house, or up and down the street. I also noticed that the vibrating had stopped since I went outside. I used to believe in UFOs, but had since fallen off. (I was 13, now I'm 25.) However last night was either something creepily spiritual (I am not very spiritual right now) or something out of this world. I hope you get other reports like this. I also saw on your site that just four days ago a disc was seen from the PPL building only blocks from my house.

Note: This sighting may not qualify as a UFO, but it certainly fits in the "Xfiles." The witness is referring to a video of an unusual aerial object taken by Tower Cam in Allentown on August 24, 2011.

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