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Sighting Reports 2011

Couple See 3 Orange Orbs Flying Northeast in the Night Sky

The Sighting Occurred About 20 Miles North-Northeast of Downtown Seattle.
The Sighting Occurred
About 20 Miles North-Northeast of Downtown Seattle.

Date of Sighting: July 17, 2011
Time of Sighting: 10:13 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Highway 527 Near Bothell, Washington (See Map)

Description: The witnesses called and reported their sighting about 15 minutes after it occurred. They were driving southbound on Highway 527. They noticed three bright orange orbs to the east. The orbs were moving northward. They pulled off of the road to look at the orbs. They had a convertible and the top was down. They heard no sound. The orbs vanished one by one. Skies were mostly clear. One of the witnesses said that the orbs looked like an orb photographed in Logan, Utah on March 22, 2011. Click here to read this report.

Note: Perhaps the witness's theory that the lights could be model rockets is correct?

Comments Received July 18, 2011:

Comment 1: At 10 PM my wife and I also were watching the strange lights from our house just off of the Bothell-Everett highway (Highway 527). We noticed about 5 or 6 lights throughout the whole session or whatever you want to call it. Whatever they were, they flashed and gleamed as if they were on fire. Then one by one got fainter and disappeared. They were fast moving, but seemed only to be traveling straight up. They never got closer north towards our house nor did we ever hear any sound that would be produced by a jet or any craft moving through the air. I thought that younger kids maybe could be launching model rockets. Unfortunately for UFO enthusiasts I don't think it's worth working over too much.

Comment2 - Sighting at 9:45 PM I live off Bothell Everett Highway in north Bothell County near Mill Creek. I too saw what I thought might be a small plane on fire moving slowly north towards my house. I didn't hear any sound and just stood there trasfixed waiting for an explosion or crash. After a couple minutes, it changed direction and went up. The flame like glow went out, but I could still see a dark object heading straight up into the sky.

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