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Sighting Reports 2011

Lights in Strange Formation Move in Night Sky.

Sketch of Formation of Lights Sent by Witness.
Sketch of Formation of Lights Sent by Witness.

Capetown is on the Southern Southern Tip of South Africa.
Capetown is on the Southern Southern Tip of South Africa.

Date of Sighting: November 19, 2011
Time of Sighting: 9 to 10 PM Local Time
Location of Sighting: Capetown, South Africa (See Map)

Description: I want to record a sighting yesterday evening at around 2100 to 2200 hours. The sighting occurred in Greenways, Strand, Cape Town, South Africa. My mother and I live in Greenways, Strand. It is a Golf Estate that looks out over False Bay. We went out to the boardwalk and went to sit at the sea. It was a perfect evening with no wind at all. As we were chatting I told her about the different star groups, and told her that we cannot see the Southern cross tonight because the top half is covered by light cloud covering. I turned my sights to up and straight in front of me and we were looking Southwest and up in the sky. At that moment I jumped up with amazement. I saw one extremely bright ‘star’. It was this shape (see below and apologies for crude drawing). The star was bright yellow-even ‘gold-ish’ color, but with a definite bright blue around and inside of its body. The more amazing thing was that it was hovering together with a smaller little star to the southwest of it. It was drifting lower in unison, when suddenly the big star (probably 5 times bigger than the smaller star) started moving up (north). At that stage I could see the body of the star much clearer. At this point the smaller star stopped moving lower, but did not move up like the bigger star. I was jumping up and down from excitement shouting and calling to my mother to run to the house to get the camera. Now the bigger star moved straight down to its original position. The smaller star then dislodged from its position moving at a quick pace downward and disappearing into the water. The larger star then moved quickly lower and disappeared into the water as well. It must be said that every time the bigger star made a move and it became brighter (more ‘gold-ish’ in color), and the blue color within became much more visible. I made the comment to my mother that the small star was like a little tug boat, leading the bigger star to where they were going ultimately. I have never witnessed something like this. It was apparent that it was not stars. It definitely did not move like stars. The fact that it moved in unison, and that the bigger star could move abruptly up and down, is evidence that it was mechanical of nature, and not a natural phenomenon. Has anyone else witnessed this? This was a profound moment for me I must admit. (The episode lasted for about 10 minutes although it felt longer.)

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