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Sighting Reports 2011

Man & Son See Large Black Triangular Object Hover
& Then Move in Day Sky.

Triangle Was Seen Over Cincinnati & Moved Towards Dayton Where Wright-Patterson AFB is Located.
Triangle Was Seen Over Cincinnati & Moved
Towards Dayton Where Wright-Patterson AFB is Located.

(Dayton is About 50 Miles Northeast of Cincinnati.)

Date of Sighting: November 25, 2011
Time of Sighting: Around Noon to 1 PM EST
Location of Sighting: Cincinnati, Ohio Area (Liberty Township - See Map)

Description: Listen to Witness Report (MP3)
The witness and his son saw a huge black triangular object in the sky. The object appeared to be hovering. The object then moved towards the northeast towards Dayton, Ohio (see map) where Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is located. The witness reported the sighting to the Butler County police. A police officer told him that he probably saw a balloon. He was positive that what he saw was not a balloon. (The witness is familiar with aircraft as he previously was a helicopter mechanic for the Indiana National Guard.) In addition the witness called the Butler County Airport. The dispatcher of the airport also saw the object and did not know what it was. For awhile he drove and kept pace with the object which was moving quite slow. The object exhibited an "energy field" which would periodically pulsate. The apex of the triangular was actually pointed upward in the sky. The object was visible for 10 to 15 minutes.

Note: Many of these flying triangles are reported, but few are reported during daylight. I have interviewed the witness and found him to be quite intelligent and credible.

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