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Sighting Reports 2011

Musicians See Large Green V Shaped Object Slowly Fly Over Highway

Corsicana is in Northeast Texas About 50 Miles South-Southeast of Dallas.
Corsicana is in Northeast Texas
About 50 Miles South-Southeast of Dallas.

Date of Sighting: March 19, 2011
Time of Sighting: 5 AM CDT
Location of Sighting: Corsicana, Texas on I-45 (See Map)

Description: My band are from Minnesota. We were here in Texas for the SXSW/Texas tour. We were playing our last show of our Texas tour in Houston, Texas tonight and afterwards we were driving back on I-45N (heading back to Minnesota). We were passing through Corsicana, Texas at the time. (This happened at 5 AM March 19, 2011 about a hour and a half ago.) I have been looking online on my iPhone to see if there were other similar reports yet and I just came across this and decided to post this sighting. One of my members were driving our tour van. I was sitting in the passenger seat (staying awake with the driver) and the other two members were sleeping in the back of the van. Anyway we were driving up I-45N and my friend (driving) said "what is that?" And I looked up and there was a strange/big light in the distance. We started slowing down along with a few other cars on the highway at the time and that light came up super fast. It had to have only been a few hundred feet from the ground and it looked almost V-shaped (kind of long/stretched out. It had a very strange shape. It is hard to describe what exactly the shape of it was. A good portion of the object was glowing a neon green and had a blinking red light. It looked pretty big. It is hard to say exactly how big it was. I would take a guess that it was 30 feet or so long. It went directly over us, traveling above I-45S (the opposite direction that we were going). I have no idea what it was. We still can't believe what we saw and probably never will. We have no idea what it could have been. It was for sure NOT a plane or helicopter. It was silent, we had our two front windows in our van even cracked open at the time and didn't hear a thing. It went by really quick. As soon as we noticed it in the distance it came and went by us within seconds. I never really believed in this kind of stuff until my band and I just witnessed this flying object. I just thought that I would share this.

Note: At the time of the sighting skies were mostly cloudy with bases at 11,000 feet.

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