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Sighting Reports 2011

Orange Object Disappears Into Clouds & Reappears. Photo Taken.

Enlarged & Brightened Photo of Orange Object.
Enlarged & Brightened Photo of Orange Object.

Dorr is in Western Michigan About 10 Miles South of Grand Rapids.
Dorr is in Western Michigan
About 10 Miles South of Grand Rapids.

Date of Sighting: July 9, 2011
Time of Sighting: 10 PM to Midnight EDT
Location of Sighting: Dorr, Michigan (See Map)

Description: One of my neighbors and I were walking back from my other neighbor's house from inviting them to a bonfire. In our conversation with that neighbor there was mention of them seeing a UFO which we kind of laughed off. We walked back to my neighbor's house were the bonfire was, I noticed an orange light to the north of Dorr high in the sky. It didn't move in a straight line. It kind of went in a circle. It was hard to describe. It went back up into the clouds, but just before it did I took a picture. (See attached. My camera phone doesn't work well for distant pictures so it only shows about a little orangy speck. So it went into the clouds and disappeared. We went back to chatting about stuff around the bonfire and then it appeared in the same area and did the same thing as it did the first time. That is my story and I am hoping someone else got a glimpse of it and can say they saw something from a different perspective and maybe clarify it.

Note: The weather observation for nearby Holland, Michigan showed that skies were clear at the time of the sighting. The witness implied that skies were cloudy. There is a possibility that some local cloudiness could have present in the Dorr area.

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