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Sighting Reports 2011

Power Lost Then Loud Rumble Heard in Sky For 10 Minutes

Dundee is About 25 Miles Southwest of Portland.
Dundee is About 25 Miles Southwest of Portland.

Date of Sighting: February 19, 2011
Time of Sighting: 6:38 AM PST
Location of Sighting: Dundee, Oregon (See Map)

Description: At about 6:38 AM on Saturday 2-19-2011 the power in the whole neighborhood went out. As soon as the power clicked off we heard the loudest rumbling in the sky. It was like a huge jet plane was flying over. The only thing the sound didn't come and go. It just hovered for at least 10 minutes. I went outside and looked around and could not see anything in the sky. It was really odd that the sound didn't move. Then after about 10 minutes it just faded away like up and not in any direction. I am not sure what this was only that I have never heard a plane or anything like that make a sound like this before. I live in Dundee and it is pretty quiet.

Note: This is strange. It is doubtful that the power outage was weather related because skies were clear with north-northwest winds at 14 mph at the time of the occurrence. There are a few questions that need to be answered regarding this sighting like did the power return when the sound ended? Questions have been sent to the witness. Updates will be posted.

Update April 2, 2011 From Person Who Lives in the Area: I think I have found the most likely answer to the loud jet noise sound reported during the Dundee power failure report on  2-19-2011.
I talked to a spokesperson at Sierra Pacific Newsprint  paper mill in Newberg, OR  about 2 &1/2 miles
from Dundee, OR . They have two tall smoke or steam stacks that they clean occasionally
with a big blast of steam that sounds like a loud jet engine. It is loud enough that they are required
to call local police to inform them of when they will blast so if they get any calls they can tell callers what they are hearing.

On 2-19-2011  at  06:38 AM  the Newberg power failure occurred and caused a substation
 (faulty) circuit breaker to fail with an explosion and fire. The cause was (according to
paper mill spokesperson) a broken power line insulator that caused two lines to sag and
touch each other causing the short to the substation. However, this is still being investigated
by the power company he said and not 100%.

When the power failure occurred the steam stacks are designed to automatically go into
steam blast mode. The sound can travel far enough to be heard in Dundee he said. So the
stacks did blast at the exact time of the power failure. But he said they usually only lasted
for about 2 minutes not the 10 minutes the report says. The power was out for 9600  PGE customers.
Conflicting reports give the power outage at  6 AM (circuit breaker fire) not the 6:38 AM time of the  paper mill outage ?  It's possible that the power was cut off to the paper mill and Dundee at the later time? Was the person reporting the loud jet sound close enough to hear it at the paper mill and was the timing right? It's also interesting that there was a UFO sighting the day before in close by Wilsonville, OR!

UFOs historically have been associated with power outages. A website report for BGE Power
Company lists power failure causes. Interestingly 11% are unknown!

Major Cause of Power  Outages in U.S.*

70%    Weather-related
11%    Animals contacting wires
11%    Unknown
4%    Auto accidents
4%    Utility maintenance (Pre-arranged  by utility)
1%    Human error
*Total exceeds 100% due to rounding. Source:  Edison Electric Institute, 1998

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