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Sighting Reports 2011

Man Sees Gray Hooded Entity With Long Arms Amble Along a Path

Sketch of Entity With Help From A Friend.
Sketch of Entity With Help From A Friend.

Sketch of Location Where Entity Was Encountered.
Sketch of Location Where Entity Was Encountered.

Gaithersburg is About 20 Miles West of Baltimore.
Gaithersburg is About 20 Miles West of Baltimore.

Date of Sighting: January 1, 2011
Time of Sighting: 7 AM EST
Location of Sighting: Gaithersburg, Maryland (See Map)

Description: The witness was visiting his mother over the holidays. He noticed that his dog was smelling something and become quite uneasy. The dog would pace back and forth. The witness thought that perhaps an intruder might be outside and so he checked outside. At that time he saw a small figure about 5 feet tall, with hooded clothing. He went back and got his binoculars and when he viewed the entity it appeared to be "faceless." The creature had short upper arms and long forearms. The creature tried to communicate with the witness through telepathy. It kept communicating "I am not witch, I am you." He then retrieved his 22 rifle. He did not point the weapon at the creature. The creature seemed oblivious to the weapon. At that point the witness put his hands on top of his eyes so as to shield them. The entity did the same. The entity then moved down a walking path and it seemed to "amble" rather than walk normally. The dog watched the entity "attentively," but did not bark. (Apparently the dog would normally bark at strangers.)

The witness lost sight of the entity as it "ambled" away from him. He said that the air was "real heavy" and the temperatures were quite warm for the time of year. Skies were mostly cloudy.

Additional Information Supplied by Witness After Reading Above Report:

Unusual/bizarre sighting of figure ambling along path alongside my
mother's house to 1/3 - 1/2 beyond, where it sat down. Near Washington
D.C. and  Baltimore, MD.

- Belgian Sheepdog, normally spot-on w/ sight and smell had difficulty
pinpointing whereabouts of figure/entity. Dog more confused than alarmed
at first, then curious and in state of bewilderment as was I.

Muggy, hot, yellow sky. Unearthly weight/heaviness to atmosphere as if,
"the air is getting slippery."

"I am not a witch, I am you" in friendly, empathic "waveform" message,
very acutely felt from entity to myself.

Face completely "blurred", or even blank. Entity's arms, particularly
forearmes, impossibly long. If gendered, more male than female, but
androgynous to my five senses.

Mantra in my head, "the air is getting slippery."
Completely unaffected by visible .22 rifle.

Note: I interviewed this witness in person. He seemed quite level headed and intelligent. He has never before or since had any unusual experiences.

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