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Sighting Reports 2011

Family See Aerial Silver Sphere Tumbling Quickly As If It Was Rolling.

Gilbert is in Northeastern Illinois About 50 Miles Northwest of Chicago.
Gilbert is in Northeastern Illinois
About 50 Miles Northwest of Chicago.

Date of Sighting: May 23, 2011
Time of Sighting: 11:30 AM CDT
Location of Sighting: Gilbert, Illinois (See Map)

Description: I wanted to let this sighting go, assuming that what we saw must have been a plane, but hours later I cannot seem to let the image of it go. I found this site while searching to see if anyone, anywhere might have seen this too.

At around 11:15- 11:30 AM today, May 23, 2011, myself and my 4 year old daughter and my father were sitting outside enjoying the warm weather. My daughter who is fascinated with airplanes was sitting on my lap when she looked up toward the sky and pointed to a sparkling object which was traveling from east to west.

She called out airplane which made my father and I look up. At first I didn't see it, then suddenly there was a greater sparkle of light which caught my eye. I did indeed think that it must be an airplane possibly traveling very high because it was faded and hard to make out against the blue sky until the reflection of the sun caught it.

There were clouds, but they were great cumulus clouds and this object was traveling against the blueness of the open sky so after I located it it was easy to keep track of as it was white and sparkling and small. It seemed to moving very quickly and not typically like the steady pace of an airplane.

We all stood up to keep an eye on it better. I was trying to point it out to my father and just as he noticed it, it appeared to stop traveling in its horizontal flight pattern and made a sharp downward angular turn continuing to travel fast. The sudden change of direction was alarming to us as we knew then it wasn't an airplane.

Within seconds it disappeared or so it seemed. We were unable to see it anywhere in the sky. We continued to look into the sky as we talked keeping watch. After about 10 minutes a plane traveling west to east came into view, it was very clear, gray and slow moving. This was nothing like what we saw moments before. Has anyone else see anything like this today?

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