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Sighting Reports 2011

Video Taken of Aerial Stationary White Object

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Still Image of White Object Extracted From Video.
Still Image of White Object Extracted From Video.
(Object Has Been Enlarged About 50%)

Gilmer is in Northeastern Texas About 100 Miles East of Dallas.
Gilmer is in Northeastern Texas About 100 Miles East of Dallas.

Date of Sighting: January 1, 2011
Time of Sighting: 5:03 PM CST (Sunset Was at 5:24 PM CST)
Location of Sighting: Gilmer, Texas (See Map)

Description: I watched a UFO close to my house in Gilmer, Texas. It was on January 1, 2011.

Additional Information Provided by Witness in Response to Questions: The video was taken at 5:03 pm. The sighting was in the northeast direction of the sky. If you notice the highway that appears in the video that highway is US HWY 271 . I was standing on the west side of the highway.

Note: Based on weather conditions the video would have been taken in the early evening hours because skies were cloudy in the morning. The object is not a bright planet. Jupiter was the only visible planet in the evening sky, but would not be visible before sunset. Also the witness said that he had been watching the object for 20 minutes before the footage was taken.

Additional Notes: The commenter below is correct. I checked another (more reliable) software package and it indicated that Jupiter was visible and bright (magnitude of -2.6). However, given the fact that the video was taken several minutes before sunset and the fact that the object had been visible for 20 minutes before the video was taken makes it more unlikely that the object was Jupiter. Of course this assumes that the time of the video is correct. Given this information there is a good chance that the white object in the video is not Jupiter.

Comments Received January 19, 2011: Jupiter, not Saturn, is quite prominent in the evening sky at this time, and its appearance is not inconsistent with this image. Saturn does not rise until around midnight and is visible overhead at dawn. I have been telescopically observing Jupiter and Uranus, which are close together right now, for the past several weeks.

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