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Sighting Reports 2011

Video Taken of Bright Airborne Light From Moving Car.

Still Image Extracted From the Video.
Still Image Extracted From the Video.

Glen Mills is in Southeastern Pennsylvania About 15 Miles West of Philadelphia.
Glen Mills is in Southeastern Pennsylvania
About 15 Miles West of Philadelphia.

Date of Sighting: October 8, 2011
Time of Sighting: 7:30 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: Glen Mills, Pennsylvania (See Map)

Description: The time was approximately 7:30 PM over Delaware County, PA 19342.

Additional Information Sent by Witness in Response to Questions: It was at approximately 7:30 PM on the 8th. I just finished dropping my kids off at my parents because my wife and I were leaving for a vacation in the Bahamas. As I was driving home I noticed about 15 or so very bright orange lights in the sky traveling very slow. As I got my phone out to record them the road was dipping under trees so I pulled over to see if I could get a better angle. We are about 25 miles from Philadelphia. This is not the first time I witnessed UFOs. It's actually my 4th sighting (believe it or not). Anymore when I drive at night I often look up to see if I see anything. This night I made sure to record something. After I could not see them from where I was at, I drove down the road a little farther and they were gone. There is no way could they have just vanished. I was able to see for miles from my new vantage point, but I saw nothing.

Note: Obviously the witness didn't say anything about the video. The moon was visible and 80% illuminated (waxing gibbous) at the time of the photo and skies were clear. The video is quite likely of the moon. For this reason only a still image is posted from the video.

Update October 10, 2011: In light of the new information supplied by the witness it is apparent that he sighted more than the moon. However, the video could have been of the moon even if the witness was trying to capture footage of the multiple lights.

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