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Sighting Reports 2011

Photo & Videos Taken of Stationary White Object in Day Sky.

A Slight Enlargement of Bright White Object.
A Slight Enlargement of Bright White Object.

Grants Pass is in Southwestern Oregon.
Grants Pass is in Southwestern Oregon.

Date of Sighting: September 10, 2011
Time of Sighting: 3 PM PDT (Estimated)
Location of Sighting: Grants Pass, Oregon (See Map)

Description: On September 10, 2011 I was taking pictures of the aerosol sprayed sky in Grants Pass,Oregon. I noticed a white round object floating and hovering and further to the left of it a bright green light. I lost sight of the green light. It was like a dot in the sky. In fact I thought my eyes were playing tricks with me as far as the green light. Once I downloaded the pictures and zoomed in on both objects, the green dot appeared to have a checkerboard pattern which looked illuminated with bright white light. The white object as I zoomed in on it appeared almost a pinkish colored in the center. I sent you a picture and video. Please let me know if you got them and any information that you may have.

Note: I am unable to find the green dot referenced by the witness. The white dot is quite apparent in the photo which has been enlarged. The videos are not displayed because it is difficult to see the white object. Based on star charts I am reasonably sure that the witness photographed and took a video of the planet Venus. Venus was visible and quite bright during the day on September 10 in the area of the sighting.

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